Feds Cant Fire Smokers

Pol smokers caul be fired by feds-at [east not for smoking poL So says a recent ruling by the Federal Employee Appeal Authority.

FEA A ruled that use of marijuana or other illegal drugs by federal employees during noil work hours is not an offense serious enougli to warrant firing of the employee-provided the conduct does not interfere? with llie individual'^ job performance, pose a threat toother workers, or reflect adversely on the governments

The ruling came in a case involving a Navy "civilian" employee who admitted smoking grass and using other dope while off duty. He was ordered fired after an investigation by a regional officer of the Civil Service Commission.

The employee appealed his firing and had the support of the captain of the Navy base where lie was employed. The FEA A decision on the appeal said there is no "rational connection" between the employee's off-duty activities and his job performance, -Norman RKent

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