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DR. MICHAEL ALDRICH ("Dr. Dope") was granted ihe nation's first poi ph.D. from ihe Boiany Department ofM.LT. in 1970. Currently executiye curaior of ihe Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library, Aldrich started the nation's first campus chapter of LEMAR ("Legalize Marijuana") ai the Slate University of New Yorkat Buffalo in 1967. In addition lo being a cofounder and member of the board of directors of the California Marijuana Initiative, Aldrich was a researcher for boih ihe U.S. National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, 1973, and the California Senate Select Commiuee on Conirol of Marijuana, 1973. Aldrich is a consultant lo many drug organizations and author of many articles on drug history, research and legal reform. Aldrich is responsible for Chapter One: "Drugs Through The Ages," Chapter Two: "Drugs, Magic and Religion,"' and Chapter Six: "Cannabis and its Derivatives."

michael horowitz emigrated from Brooklyn co San Francisco in 1967, a few years after earning his M.A. ai Washington Square College. Cofounder (1970) and director of ihe Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library. Horowitz is also the editor of a series of drug classics, of which the most recent is Moksha, Aldous Huxley's writings on psychedelics and ihe visionary experience. He is also a contributing editor lo High Times and interviewed Dr. Albert Hofmann for the July 1976 issue. Horowitz wrole Chapter Three: "Psychoactive Herbs" and Chapter Nine: "The Psychedelic Revolution."

ROBERT LEMMO got his journalistic feet wet at ihe Long Island Press where he was a copy person. After dabbling in college publications, he founded (wilh Bob Sacks and Andy Kowl) The Express, a New York alternative magazine that he edited for two raucous years. He began working for Trans-High Corp. (parent company of High Times) in 1974 and is currently Senior News Editor of High Times. Lemmo was the executive editor of the encyclopedia as well as the author of Chapter Four: "Household Highs,,"' Chapter Five: ..Aphrodisiacs" and Chapter Eleven: "Pharmaceuticals."

RICHARD ASHLEY began investigating psychoactive drugs in 1949. For the past len years he has been involved in an extensive study of their history, uses and effects. He is the author of several books on ihe subject, including Herein: The Mylhs and the Facts; Cocaine: Its History, Uses and Effecis; and ihe upcoming Notes /row a Chinese Laundry. Ashley's work has also appeared in the New York Times Magazine and a variety of other publications. Ashley also lectures on the history of psychoactive drugs and consequences of drug prohibition at New York's New School.. An outspoken critic of our drug laws and rehabilitation programs, Ashley wrote Chapter Eight: "Cocaine," Chapter Ten: "Opiates" and Chapter Fourteen: "John Law."

KEITH DEUTSCH was the editor of Dealer, The Magazine of High Finance, and also a former associate edi tor of High Times. Deutsch has written extensively about the paraphernalia, industry, including a comprehensive history of rolling papers, and has been interviewed about paraphernalia, by CBS-TV News, the New York Posf, the New York Daily News and other inquisitive members of the press. Deutsch has also been editor-in-chief of True magazine and senior editor on new magazine projects for Penthouse International, , Ltd. He is the author of Chapter Thirteen: "Paraphernalia."

MICHAEL CHANQEJfoiiowing graduate work at the University of Wisconsin, joined the staff of ihe Madison biweekly tabloid, Take Over. After four-years on the poliiicaJ beat he moved to New York, where he edited the Yipster Times before joining High Times in 1976 at the crime and society desk.. In 1972, whije preparing for a series of articles, Chance traveled through South and Central America, the Southwest and Miami, where he observed ihe multimillion-dollar smuggliug trade first-hand. In 1974 Chance published "How to Build Your Own Atomic Bomb,f and in 1975 "'Smuggler's Moon»" a biodocumentary on cocaine smuggliug in South Ameiica. He has published photographs and articles in the New York Daily News, Oui, the Berkeley Barb and other publications. He is the author of Chapter Twelve: ,fBlack Market Economics."

TEREZ COE a former editor and writer with the late sixties New York Free Press and Changes as well as the Rocky Mountain Review (Utah) and the Sun Valley Wood River Journal ls a journal is)-survivor of the Haight and the Himalayas. She is also a poet, dramatist, lyricist in search of a musician, and for the last several years a contributor to High Times. Coe was research coordinator ■ of the encyclopedia.

"RH is the nom de plume of a well-known journalist... He has written about dope for the Village Voice among other publications and his column on dope appreciation and connoisseurship appears regularly in High Times. At present is working on a major book on the joys of fine pot.. For the encyclopedia, "R" wrote the latier part of the introduction as well as contributing his expertise throughout.

ANDY KOWL was the Publisher of High Times for more than three years. Currently he is the Publisher of Paraphernalia and Accessories Digest, a trade magazine for the burgeoning paraphernalia. industry. Among other distinguished accomplishments, he was the first person known to have snoiled cocaine on national television. Kowl was editor-in-chief of the encyclopedia and wrote the Introduction.

THOMAS FORCADE the late founder of High Times, edited and published many books and wrote entensivelv under various pseudonyms. He also founded the Underground Press Syndicate. Forcade was editorial director of the encyclopedia.

Introduction xi I

1. The Dawn of Drugs 1

2. Drugs, Religion And Magic 31

3. Psychoactive Herbs And Plants 63

4. Household Highs 83

5. Aphrodisiacs 97

6. Cannabis And Its Derivatives 115

7. Marijuana Growing 145

8. Cocaine 159

9. The Psychedelic Revolution 179

10. Opiates 213

11. Pharmaceuticals 231

12. The Black Market Economics 261

13. Paraphernalia 285

14. John Law 297


1. The Law 317 The Super Lawyers 330 Interview: John Finlator, BNDD 335

2. Health 338

3. High Adventurers 34 7 The Great Charas: Fighting The Drug Ring by Henri de Monfreid 347

In The Land Of Yage by Andrew Weil 355

4. The nans-High Market Quotations 359

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