hydromorphone hydrochloride e.g., Dilaudid

A much stronger pain killer than morphine, 2 mg. = 10 mg. morphine. Produces less nausea, vomiting, sedation. Dependence and withdrawal similar but tolerance develops sooner.

One of Lenny Bruce's favorite highs.

meperidine e.g., Demerol

Shorter acting and Jess effective in cases of severe pain. Less nausea, constipation, vomiting and sedation.

Used generally only in hospitals (especially in childbirth). Addiction to this more difficult to treat than morphine.

methadone e.g., Dolophine

Less respiratory depression, euphoria and sedation. Slightly more effective as an analgesic. Withdrawal is less severe but of longer duration.

First synthesized in Nazi Germany, named after Hitler. Used as an analgesic and cough suppressant, it is most known for its use in maintenance therapy of heroin addiction or in treatment of withdrawal.

methyldihydro-morphinone e.g., Metapon

A greater analgesic. 3.5 mg. = 10 mg. morphine

Rarely used illicitly. Withdrawal may be worse than from morphine.

pentazocine hydrochloride or p. lactate e.g., Talwin

Less effective as analgesic, 30 eg. = 10 mg. morphine

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