Chilll Ms Of The Cods

"History dots not tell us'hoW marijuanc was 'unoked' before fire was invented, yet man's connection with cannabis sativa and pepaver somni-ferum (opium) apparently antedate the dawn of time. Iramanuel Veilkovsky. Erik von Daniken and others have speculated about the possible tfxtrateirestrial origins of the monuments of antiquity; is it not possible that, for example, the obelisks of Egypt. the infamous Cleopatra's Needle* metaoriallifcd some forgotten high of ao ancient, wiser civilization? An ancient Chinese legend, whose origins arc shrouded in the mista of time, tells of a farmer who harvested a form of hemp that, after drying it In his shed, he sold to the Emperor's government to moke ropes for the ships of the Imperial Navy.' One year the farmer's apprentice, a fat and Idle led. fell asleep while «(ending the fire in the drying shed. A leaping spark soon set the shed ablaze, and it was only by luck that the child awoke and ran to fetch the farmer. When they returned, the shed was burotag merrily and, as luck would hair« It. s shift of wind soon blew the smoke front the inferno In their direction. Coughing, choking and inhaling the fumes, the farmer and the boy made their way to an field nearby, where they ware overcome by sleep and dreams of paradise, lewd women and continual drunkenness. So vivid were the dreams that the farmer, upon «wakening. decided to forego thrashing the boy'and get straight to wurk erecting a new shad aud harvesting another crop of hemp. When the new shH wai full of fresh hemp, the master lit a faggot, tossed it with is, and mossteniMI his finger to test the direction of the wind. Once again they inhaled copiously and succumbed to dreamt of pelpable lasclviousness. Once again they awoke to erect, fill and incinerate another shed. Further ehetk were consumed by flames as the farmer and his apprentice smoked 'mote and more of the dream-Inducing hemp. Thus, according to this ancient legend of uncertain origin, wet* the first hash pipes, big as house», invented. Believe it or eat it."

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