California Bell Disconnects Phone Wizard

John DiaperĀ» also known as Captain Crunch, the man who discovered (hat toy whistles in Captain Crunch cereal boxes mimic one of Ma Bell's electronic signals and enable the user to make free longdistance calls, has been sentenced to four months in Terminal Island's minimum security prison for "fraud by wire:'

California Federal Judge Robert Pgckham sentenced Diaper for using a blue box (an illegal device that functions as a portable switchboard) to make $30 worth of free phone calls. Evidence was provided by an undisclosed FBI informer, who testified that the Captain had a handbook giving him access to the FBI's National Crime Information Computer in Washington. The informant also claimed that Draper had learned how to listen in on any phone conversation in the wotdd, including the FBI's lines and the Pentagon's top-secret Autovon Network, used for military emei^ency calls.

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