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"Ever since (lie dawn of history man lias been agonizingly pursuing the answers (o two questions: 'Wlial is the meaning and purpose of life?' and, 'Where can i get a good aphrodisiac?'

Jack S. Margolis. and Richard Cl;Jrfene A Child's Garden of Grass, 1669

The somewhat amazing axiom of modern science llial there are no true aphrodisiacs steins more from semanlic puhe-splitting tlian from realities about sexual arousal, performance and exhilaration.

To maintain llial melliaqualone does not significantly, obliterate inhibitions and inflame the libido, that cocaine does not sufficiently., boost sexual stamina and that LSD is not enough of a sensual enhancer is to set unattainable standards for aphrodisiacs. There exists no substance thar' will ignite sexual bonfires in every individual on all occasions, no chemical guaranteed to lum distaste into desire, no sure-fire seduction pill, erection balm or antifrigidity spray.

Given the dept.b, texture and French curves of human sexuality, sudi universally applicable and potent love aids are an impossibility. Moreover, the most power&il sex drugs are almost all. currently illegal in the United States and most other countries, banned basically, because of the pleasure-giving nature of their highs.

So while some will pursue the chimera of the omnipotent aphrodisiac forever, otliers content themselves in the here and now by fucking their brains out while under the influence. Sex highs operate in three general ways: some relax the body and/or inhibitions; some stimulate the sex drive or spark physical vitality: and some enhance sensual perceptions. Happily, several of the most popular consciousness-changing drugs work in al three ways for those who are tuned in to erotic side effects.

"Methaqualone," claims Ed Dwyer, former High Times editor, "did for seduction what MacDonald's did for hamburgers." Pharmaceulically _ known as a sedative and hypnotic, methaqualone tends to virtually destroy inhibitions and internal guilt, blockades in most people. This removal of constraint commonly results, in the free expression of natural desires for sexual pleasure, and comfort. .

Melliaqualone imparls a warm glow to one's sensibiliiies-a person stoned alone in a room would probably think I lie furnishings looked particularly.' attractive and cozy. But few people do methaqualone by themselves, because it is the perfect social drug. It. loosens the tongue, frees the hands and overrides the critical facilities of the mind. At methaqualone parties, ordinarily repressed women have been known to make their erotic needs the subject of public announcement, and normally courtly men switch lo tactics of direct coital suggestion.

Sold under the trade names of Quaalude, Mandiax, Sopor and Parest, melhaqualone produces a tingling numbness in the extremeties and a rubberiness of the skin that pleasantly modify the physical sensations of sex.

Probably due to its inhibition-lowering effect, melhaqualone releases so much sexual energy in some people that the drug's sedative powers are neutralized and it acts like a stimulant, provoking longer-lasting erections, more performances and bigger and better orgasms. Some of methaqualone's side effects include blurred vision, impairment of the thinking process and the discovery of unappetizing strangers in your bed upon awakening.

The famous 1966 publication of Dr. Timothy Leaiy's interview in Playboy probably marks one of the high points of the Sixties. Calling LSD the most powerful aphrodisiac known to humanity, Leary said: "In a carefully, prepared, loving LSD session, a woman wilL inevitably have several

Most Powerful Aphrodisiac For Women
The first aphrodisiac?

"The member of Abdu'l Haylukh remained/In erection for thiity days, sustained/By smoking hashish,

Abdu'l Hayjeh deflowered in one night/Eighty virgins in a rigid rite/After smoking hashish."

Arabian poem translated b> R. E. C. Masters hu nd red orgas ms."

Reactions to the interview were swift and intense. Hany J. Anslinger pronounced that "if we wanted to take Leary literally« we should call LSD 'Let's Stait Degeneracy/ "And a good part of an entire generation rushed lo find some acid and get stalled on ihose orgasms.

The sexual effects of LSD, DMT, peyote, magic mushrooms and the other popular hallucinogens of our culture vary widely among individuals. Some people become too involved with intellectual and spiritual explorations while doing acid to be interested in coupling but will ball through cosmic typhoons tripping on peyote. It's a matter of taste and body chemistry. LSD, DMT and the like are more consistently energizing than

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