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n Tie used C [cocaine],1, said Tony, "and he told us how to make bennies out of sniffers/

Tony meant that their benefactor from Michigan had instructed them how to distill the Benzedrine out of medicated inhalers which could be bought without prescription in any drugstore.

"He was plenty hep,' said Gino.

'Sounds like an all-round guy,' I said. 'And how did he aim for you to get the stuff legit?'

"It's easy;* said Tony 'You just shoot some plain gasoline under your skin. Get it?'

"Not yet,.' 1 said. 'Sounds like it would knock you on your can.|

'Listen!' said Gino 'You're not shooting the gas for a bang; the gas is just the starter.'.

'Yeah,; said Tony. This guy told us thai (his gas is gonna give you cancer. A small cancer-get it? And with the cancer, the croakers gou a give you stuff [heroin], legiu Get it?' "

A lexander K i ng Mil.,; Enemy Grows Older. >958

Asian White dried up and desperate junkies and accommodating dealers tried to fill (he vacuum, (he realization bloomed thai Mexican poppies produced just ┬┐is good an opium base as Asian poppies did. Within a year a steady stream of Mexican Brown began flowing through Tucson, Phoenix. Albuquerque, Brownsville Station and other cities. Customs seizures in these areas doubled, then tripled, while traditional ports, such as New York and Miami, dried up. New York City's junkies lost the spotlight to thieving Southwesterners, and the Mafia dealers moved from the Big Apple to Scoitsdale, Arizona. Soon Mexican junk had re-supplied the market. . Prices were similar to the Asian $50 gram, $500-$700 ounce and $5,000-57,000 pound,

When in 1974 the Turkish ban was lifted, the poppies were replanted, the gum squeezed and the heroin isolated, and by the summer of 1976 Asian White had begun to reappear in eastern cities after a four year absence. As of (his writing, several drug experts and street observers say heroin is burgeoning as never before, anticipating a time when both Mexico and Asia will be functioning at top outputs-creating, perhaps, a new heroin wave. Prices on (he Asian are still high: $75-$ 125 a gram; $700-$1 ,200 an ounce and $7,500-$ 10,000 and up a pound, but they will, probably drop soon

The main supplier of heroin at this time is reputed to be the Mafia. It is no secret that the mob has heen in this business for years and that the main ports of entiy-Scoitsdale, San Diego, Los Angeles for Mexican, and New York and Miami for White-are also Mafia centers. Independent smugglers have a high casualty, rate, and the punishment for importation of junk is the harshest meted out for dtug contraband

CONCLUSION There is no question (hat recreational drugs are here to stay. Interest in them right now is at an all-time high, the need for the altered states of consciousness perhaps rooted in alienation from more simple leisures, a rise in hedonism, a moral breakdown, an aesthetic revival. . There are people who want and people who supply. How many there are, and how rich the distributors have become, is open to speculation It should be remembered, though, that such distinguished and venerable families as the Kennedys and Bronfmans (Seagram whiskey) made their money running rum to thirsty prohibition victims. When pot is legalized, the Bronfmans and Kennedys of marijuana will step forth, and the world will get to see a few of the fortunes of dealing. And that will probably be just the shake.

Official U.S. Coast Guard photo of the Helena Star, busted carrying 37 tons. Q' marijuana

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