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Yogc-sloned Taluyo Indians dancing


" ... the Zaparos. Santa Marias, Mazan&s and Angit Iclos use (it] efjeelftill) fot divining, foreseeing 01 foi answering, with attlhtsrity in difficult . cases, such as vtijji the proper reply to ambassadors of oilier (lilies ¡11 matters conccriiing going to war. They also use this magic drink lo discover the enemies' plans and lo take the convenient measures for attack and defense; or it a member of their family is taken ill. lo discover by which witchcraft he was brought into this state .. .finally to assure themselves of the love of their wives."

Manuel VillavkcncLo Gcorgra | ia tie la Repuhhca del Kcuador. IK58

consntcrcu lo nave propitiate sign mcance. The ding lias been called "Iclcpath inc" because it induces a stale of clairvoyance and (lie belief (|uit the user can foretell the future. The standard dosage is 70 lo 100 nig., or abou t 4 lo S mg- per kg. body weight. . C'laudio Naranjo has found that the use of hamialine in psychotherapy sometimes provides major benefits: the visions bring energy, power, freedom and deeper sense of self.. TCul physical discomfort results, from the toxicity of the drug, and fatigue result?, from the duration (I? hours) of the trip. Contemporary urban South Americans. according lo Marlenc Dohkin de Rios. have turned on with the "visionary vine" ' for psychic healing and therapy. Some Americans who journeyed lo the Sibnndoj Valley in recent years lo try yagc' claim to be in telapalhic commuiiicalion with 'the yaquero (shaman) under whose supervision they took il. Although (here's been no report of an underground market in yagc i.n the U.S. and it is not illegal, the FDA has nonetheless placed it on its list of drugs with abuse paten Iial.

The seeds of Syrian rue (Pegsnurn harmala), an Old World hallucinogen, also contain harmine and harmaline. The plant is found from the Mediterranean to northern India and Manchuria, where the seeds are used in folk medicine. There is evidence thai Syrian rue had religious use in ancient limes, bul has none at present. . A drug plant similar to E. caapi has been found in Borneo, and passion flower (Passilloro inc.ornaLa), a vine nalivc to the West Indies and the southern U.S.. conl-ains harmine and related alkaloids. When smoked, it produces a mild mar ijuan al ike high. Biewed as Lea, it has a tinnqnili/ing effect. . Harmala alkaloids have also been found in Lobacco.

IBOGA1NE Iboga ine is the root of the iboga plant (TabernanLha iboga), which flourishes in the tropica! forests of the Congo and Gabon. II is a powerful, cocainelike CNS stimulant even in low doses and a strong hallucinogen in doses above 300 mg. lis use was first reported in the mid-nineteenth century by French and Belgian

Yogc-sloned Taluyo Indians dancing

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