Pore Sizes For Glass Or Paper Filters

BS specified maximum pore diameter of range principal uses

150 - 250 coarse distribution of gas in liquids

90 - 150 filtration of very coarse precipitates gas distributors in liquids extraction of coarse grain material

40 - 90 medium gas filters mercury filters extraction of medium grain material

15 - 40 fine gas and mercury filters extraction of fine grain material

5 - 15 analytical and preparative work of the finest precipitates less than 3 bacteriological filtration

Cooling. Some formulas call for external cooling of the reaction. These temperatures should be followed exactly or the product intended may evolve into something completely different. To aid you in cooling, I have listed the following substances to be mixed and the temperature reductions created by them. If carried out in an insulated container these mixtures will hold a more even temperature for a much longer period. Those little Playmate lunch boxes make perfect insulated containers.

Mixture of substances in grams Temp falls from 15° to

33 sodium chloride + 100 ice -20°

If you do not understand any of the above abbreviations or if you have no idea which of these chemicals are hazardous, then you need to go back and read some type of basic chemistry before attempting these simple cooling mixtures.

Chromatography 1 5

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