2. Read all the rules on Class 1 distillation.

3. Use at least three times as much water as sample. Do not fill the flask much more than half full.

4. Keep adding more hot water as needed. As the water boils and turns to steam, it leaves the flask, carrying sample.

5. The sample or product is still coming over if you see two layers or cloudy solution in your receiving flask.

thermometer steam out thermometer

flame space between flame and tubing space between flame and tubing flame bunsen burner bunsen burner

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6. If the solution is clear then you should add a little salt to a small sample of the solution.

If two layers form, then you need to keep on distilling.

7. To find out which layer is water or product, add a little water and watch carefully. The water you added will go to the water layer.

8. Do a back extractions with an immiscible solvent to get most of the product from the water layer.

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