This chapter contains all the goodies so dear to all you speed freaks. It also contains several formulas for mescaline. I chose to put mescaline in this chapter instead of the hallucinogen section because the mescaline molecule is basically the same as any amphetamine. It is correct to say that mescaline is the grampa of speeders and the relation is obvious by the similarity of their synthesis. Whether you call it phenethylamine, amphetamine, phenyisopropylamine, aminoethylbenzene, phenylaminopropane, desoxyephedrine, etc., the molecule is good old mescaline with a few minor changes. However, these minor changes can cause drastic changes in activity and psychotomimetic effects.

The criteria of molecular structure of amphetamine-like compounds are a benzene ring with an aliphatic chain of two or three carbon atoms with an amino-group (-NH2) on the second or b carbon atom. There are exceptions to this rule (Tuamine, and Privine, etc.), but generally we will need a benzene ring to use as starting material for our speed. What kind of benzene ring? Some formulas call for allyl benzene, but most require you to change the allyl to propenyl benzene. Then we must nitrate the benzene ring with lovely things like rocket fuel. (Now can you see why I want you to purify as specified in the formulas?) Next, the nitropropene or nitrostyrene (a nitrated benzene) must be reduced; this is related to hydrogenation. This is the most common method, it is fairly easy and inexpensive. However, I have included many other ways. Choose a formula that suits your needs.

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