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anta Monica Boulevard as approached from the 405 Freeway in Southern California, winds through Beverly Hills and crosses many famous street names like Rodeo Drive, Sunset and Wilshire Boulevard — each street a Hollywood legend. Then, just as one tires of gawking at block after block of huge elegant 90210-style houses, the boulevard opens into the area known as West Hollywood. There is a small-town feel to the place, but not like small-town television-style. It is much like Berkeley's easy way with creativity while there is the flavor of New York City with the scent of food cooking in the air, and the beat of San Francisco softened with the warm breezes of the southern California beaches.

West Hollywood is unique in that cultures meet and bump against one another in a weave of flavor and color rather than a muted blend. Neighbor to neighbor there are vast cultural differences, yet there is laughter and music coming from the shops and bakeries. People from the Middle East, Far East, countries to the north and south, weave with Europeans, and cowboys and folks from the Southern states, Caribbean islanders, and East Coasters too. Here it seems people feel free.

". . . cultures meet and bump against one another in a weave of flavor and color rather than a muted blend."

Smack in the middle of this wonderful weave is The Farmacy, a compassionate collective for doctor recommended cannabis patients. The building seems to glow a bright gold and beckons a welcome as it sits silently among the other less brilliant shops. Patients' artwork fills the walls gallery-style. There is playfulness in the air, yet absolute formality and great attention paid to the identification and verification process of each patient. Because every criterion MUST be met with no exceptions, the dispensary is secure, open and airy. No half-way measures result in both a safe facility yet, so open that the open sign reads, "Very Open," and it has as many meanings as one can think.

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