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incomplete, although more complete than atypical or borderline .

All the phenomena which resemble and include mystical 153

experience can be placed on a continuum from dim aesthetic feelings in nature and the arts through experiences considered as atypical or borderline to the complete extro-vertive type and finally to the most profound introvertive experience with the strongest presence of characteristics in each of our categories.154 The ideal example of the most • complete mystical state would be an experience in which all categories were experienced to the strongest or most complete degree. With the suggested continuum in mind, this categorization of mystical states of consciousness can now be used to evaluate drug experiences and determine where on the continuum, if at all, they fit.

l53The phenomena of visual and auditory hallucinations, trances, involuntary vocal utterances, and/or automatic writing have not been included in the universal characteristics of the mystical state of consciousness. None of these phenomena are universal or necessary although they may be present along with mystical experience, but their varying content and presence are determined by the culture and temperament of the individual. (Ibid., pp. 47-55.)

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