Stace it p 62 33jbld pp 13132

inner-directed and its essence is the experience of undifferentiated unity which is "...the Unitary Conscious-ยป

ness, from which all the multiplicity of sensuous or conceptual or other empirical content has been excluded, so

Unitary Consciousness is by definition nonspatial and nontemporal. The extrovertive type is outer-directed and is experienced through the physical senses in or through the multiplicity of objects. The essential characteristic for this type is "...the unifying vision expressed abstractly by the formula 'All is One.'" The One is apprehended " being an inner subjectivity in all things, described variously as life, or consciousness, or a living Presence."25 Spatiality is paradoxically preserved, but the normal sense of time may be lost.

The extrovertive and introvertive are not mutually

exclusive and may occur in the same mystic. Stace shows

how Meister Eckhart is an example of this. Brinton's study of Jacob Boehme supports Stace's point. Boehme harmonized the in-going and out-going wills by going from that there remains only a void and empty unity

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