14. Sense of presence of what can only be described as nameless_.032

15. Sense of sacredness with which you regarded your experience (.37)

16. Feeling that you could not do justice to your experience by a verbal description_.001

17. Certainty of encounter with ultimate reality (in the sense of being able to "know" and "see" what is really real) .008

18. Loss of your own identity .004

19. Pure awareness beyond any empirical content .002

20. Meaning fulness of your own life (.055)

21. Rebirth experience .016

23. Communion with ultimate reality (.23)

24. Deep interpersonal relations with other people present .035

25. loss of feelings of difference from objects .016

26. Eternity .002

27. Gain of insightful knowledge experienced at an intuitive level .004

28. Love (.26) (toward one's fellow man as a human being, not of an erotic or sexual nature)

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