New Studies in Mystical Relqn New Yorkt Macmillan 1927 pp 3132

of terror or fear in the sense of shaking or trembling in the innermost depths of one's being.These characteristics which Otto mentions are sufficient, but rab exclusively necessary conditions. If they are present they can lead to a feeling of sacredness; but such a feeling may be experienced in other ways as well.

Otto emphasizes the feelings of fear, creaturehood, finitude, and humility in his description of the response to the holy. However, the previously listed elements of joy, blessedness, peace, and love may be closely related to, but not identical with, the sense of sacredness. Positive mood and unity may be the emphasis rather than fear and separation. Awe has two elements, wonder and fear, and contributes to both types of experience; wonder is an important part of one type, and fear predominates in the other. Both types can give rise to the feeling that what is apprehended is sacred, and both may be present at dif- . ferent points in the same experience.

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