Lotfe of God or Christ

52. Return to your usual state of consciousness the day after the experience_.002


The purpose of this section is to measure certain persisting effects which you consider due to your Good Friday experience. Use for comparison your status before Good Friday. Using the sBme rating scale as in Section II preceding (single 0 to 5 scale), please evaluate ir. regard to your present condition 'the degree to which:

53. The experience has changed your philosophy of life a) positively .001 ; negatively (I)

54. You have become more sensitive (a) to the needs of others .002;

55. You have less personal integration (a) (. 5) ; b) more .002

56. You have learned something useful from the experience a) .004 ; b) detrimental (1)

57. You have had difficulty in trying to communicate your own experience to others who were not present a) .002 ; Have had ease b) (.11 - for controls)

58. Your behavior has changed in ways you would consider negative since the experience a) (.13); b) positive .002

59. You now feel a greater need for service for others a) .035

60. You are less your true self with others a) (1) ; b) more .008

61. Feelings of depression have increased a) (.063); b)

62. Your appreciation for life has a) increased .002? b)

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