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are no concepts, or multiplicity to describe within the

"unity" or the "One." The profound Intensity of positive mood accompanying the experience adds to the inadequacy of words to accurately communicate and tends to make one fall silent.123 it would appear that there are grounds for the claim that during the experience, ineffability is a characteristic. Eut afterwards when they have had time to integrate and interpret, mystics have written descriptions of their remembered experiences while at the same time they have insisted that the actual experiences were indescribable.*"24

Stace gives an interesting psychological explanation for this alleged ineffability. Any experience, sensory or nonsensory, cannot be adequately communicated with words to a person who has not had the experience himself.125 The unique and actual characteristi c. that mystics allege their experiences to be ineffable is based on an embarrassment with language. Statements made afterwards about the actual experience stripped of interpretation are literally true descriptions, but because mystical experience is paradoxical

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