Lack of significant difference between experimental and

controls on each individual item which measured these phenomena.

We conclude that although the subcategory as a whole showed a significant difference between experimentáis and controls, the difference was due to the unusually intense joy which was part of the psilocybin experience. Because all the data were not consistent in measuring this Joy at the highest intensity, we conclude that the experience of the experimentáis was not the most complete example of the joy described by our typology for this category. Closely Related Phenomena (Love)

Although love is not one of the universal characteristics of the typology of mysticism, the experience of love may occur in connection with joy, blessedness, and peace. As seen in Table 14, the experimentáis experienced the phenomena of love more than the controls at a significance level of .055 in the follow-up data and .035 in ^he content-analysis data. The experimentáis had higher total score and had more strong scores with each method of measurement. The reason for no significant difference in the post-drug data was that the controls also scored this phenomenon (total score

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