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p valuea

Essential Phenomena:

P30 Transiency of duration of deepest levels:

P31 Transiency of duration of levels other than the deepest:

(for experimentáis) Using all Using only "strong" scores:





F52 Return to your usual state of consciousness day after the experience:.002 F86a You have lost by now the state of consciousness you experienced on Good Friday: .004

c. Content-analysis data (1 item):

C10 Transiency of unity: .004

(2) Supplementary Phenomena: a. Post-drug data (4 items):

P26 Appearance of various levels of consciousness: P27 Suddenness of appearance of various levels of consciousness: P28 Suddenness of disappearance of various levels of consciousness: P12 Being able to operate on several levels at once:

b. Follow-up data (2 items)t

F8 Definite change in your usual state of consciousness: F9 Suddenness of appearance of varioua dimensions of consciousness:



during the Interviews. All items which directly measured suddenness remained significant under the most rigorous analysis (P27, F28, and F9),.as did those which indicated a change in usual consciousness, P26 and F8 (p less than

.020 for all these items). The only other item, which did not remain significant (p less than .13) when only the-

"strong" scores were used was the experience of several levels (of consciousness) at once (P12) which was not so closely related to transiency as the other items.

Other substantiating evidence that the experimentáis experienced change from usual consciousness was item P29

(stability of level of consciousness during the experience)

which was significant for the controls (p less than .035) .

Examples of transiency from personal accounts of two experimentáis are presented below as further evidence:

Experimental Subject GP:

...after I was quite completely "out" of the experience, talking with my group and eating an apple...

Experimental Subject QX:

At this point, the service had come to a close, and 1 was beginning to lose tho full strength of my experience.

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