Content Analysist C8 C9

Expert Jontrt

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15 0

60 60



p values (for expérimentait

(1) Post-drug questionnaire data (4 items)

Using all scores:

P68 Paradoxical dissolving of the subject-object dichotomy in spite of the empirical multiplicity of objects (they are still perceived as separate): .008

P69 Intuitive experience of the essences of objects: .016

P70 Sense of unity with these objectst .008 P71 Felt awareness of the life or living presence in all things: .032

(2) Follow-up Questionnaire data (3 items)i

F25 Loss of feelings of difference from objects: .016

F37 Intuitive experience of the essences of objects: .032

F44 Sense of unity with objects: .032

Using onlj "strong" scores:



(3) Content-analysis data (2 items)t

C8 Oneness through external objects other than people: C9 Oneness through people¬Ľ

remained significant at the .032 level under such a rigorous treatment of the data. This phenomenon is an important element in the experience of external unity and is alone enough to make the data from this category qualify as an example of this subcategory of the mystical typology. Against this evidence must be placed the lack of confirmation from the judges. The content analysis data showed a greater depth of underlying cosmic unity or oneness through people than through objects. Experimental Subject HQs '

A couple of times I kicked against YS's leg accidentally, and I opened my eyes, for my foot seemed to combine with his left .leg.

Experimental Subject QXs

I remained in a bent a prayerful position, but I was not praying. What seemed to be happening was my becoming complete, i.e., my body was whole or one. My arms seemed to merge into my body, yet I knew I still had arms. 1 could rub my hands into my legs, yet I still had hands. Everything was a part of the other yet distinct in itself. From this, I moved to a oneness with the pews, both the one I was sitting on and the one in front of me. The pew seemed to be giving itself to me when 1 would turn in ray seat or assume different positions. It seemed to "give" to my movements all the while aiding and giving to my comfort. Even my legs which touched against the pew in front of ma seemed to find an extremely giving and helping friend in the wooden pew.

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