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Both ololiugul and badoh negro seeds have been found to contain the same three derivatives of LSD-25 (d-lyserglc acid diethylamide): (1) d-lysergiic acid amide, (2) d-iso-lysergi;c^ acid amide, and (3) chanoclavine. Of these derivatives, d-lysergi^a; acid amide has the most similarity in psychic effects to LSD, but is much weaker on an equivalent-weight basis.*-®

The practice of a sacred-mushroom cult has survived in three parts of the world: Northeastern New Guinea, the mountains of Oaxaca Province in Mexico, and Western Siberia. 7 Not much is known about the New Guinea cultic use, but research is in progress.

The sacred mushrooms of Mexico were called teonanacatl. "flesh of the gods," by the Aztecs. In 1939 Schultes presented evidence from historical, anthropological, and botanical sources for the existence of such cultic

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