48. Despair .02

50. Overflowing energy .008

52. Ecstatic Joy .004

53. Intellectual illumination (.062)

54. Retention of such illumination after the experience .008

55. Sense of being grasped and dealt* with .004

56. Sense of awe or awesomeness .011

57. Sense of reverence (.78)

58. Sense of mysterious fascination in spite of terror or fear

(in the sense of a shaking or trembling in the utmost depths of your inner being) .008

59. Sense of the wholly otherness of what was met in the experience .035

60. Sense of your own finitude in contrast to the infinite (.09)

61. Sense of profound '.humility., before the majesty of what was felt to be sacred or holy (.062)

62. Sense of presence of what was felt to be holy, sacred,

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