A Read the first account straight through to get the general feel and tone Feel free to mark in the margin in pencil withthe major category numbers 1 to IX any aentonce

which impresses you at the time as an obvious example of a particular category. Don't worry at this point about scoring intensity or completeness. Read to get an impression of the account as a whole.

b) Using the score sheet, read the account through and look for examples of category I (transcendence of time and/or space). Mark them with the category number. Then give a qualitative rating (0 to 3) for each scoring division of this category, as indicated on the score sheet. Base your score on the highest level reached at any point in the experience. Thus an element mentioned only once may have been described in such a way as to indicate a 3-level experience. Rate on the basis of the highest level for any essential element of a particular scoring division, in accordance with the description of the category. Be sure to rate the experience of the person writing the account, not his description of what other people were experiencing.

c) Then read the same account through again and mark examples of categories II and III (positive mood and sense of sacredness) . Score these items on the score sheet in the appropriate place. Follow this same procedure for the rest of the categories. Look for evidence of categories IV and V at one reading. Categories VII and VIII may also be combined in this way.

d) When you have finished the first account, do the same for each of the remaining ones, in order. Try to finish two accounts at least at one sitting.

Content Analysis Score Sheet Used by Judges ■ with the Probability for each Item that the Difference between Experimentáis and Controls was due to Chance1

p values (for Experimentáis)

I. Transcendence of time or space

B. Loss of usual sense of space .001 (2)

II. Positive mood

IV. Unity

B. External unity

1. Oneness through external objects other than people (.25) (8)

V. Transiency of unity .004 (10)

VI. Objectivity and reality

A. Insights into being and existence in general .004 (11)

B. Insights into personal finite self (.11) (12)

VII. Paradcxicality .001 (13)

VIII. Ineffability .008 (14)

IX. Persisting changes in attitude or behavior six months later

Fositive Negative

*The sign Test was used to calculate p values from judges scores.

Reiiabillty of Judges aa Determined from Kendall Rank Correlation Coefficient (r)1

Judge Compared A and B B and C C and A All Three r .74 .88 .78 .80

p less than .00006 .00006 .00006 .00006

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