Pyrazolone and phenylbutazone derivatives

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There is very little experience of using these medications during breastfeeding. Taking its four main metabolites into consideration, an M/P ratio of about 1 was calculated for metamizol. In one case, very similar serum concentrations were found in both mother and child (Zylber-Katz 1986). Another report describes cyanotic attacks in an infant after his mother took metamizol (Rizzoni 1984).

Phenylbutazone has a half-life of 30-170 hours and an M/P ratio of 0.1-0.3. There have been no toxic effects reported, as yet, in breastfed infants. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not object to its occasional use during breastfeeding.

A hemolytic anemia was described in an infant in connection with propyphenazone therapy in the mother (Frei 1985). Eight days after ending the therapy, phenazone could still be detected in the milk, but no longer in the plasma.

There are no data on famprofazone, kebuzone, mofebutazone, and phenazone.

Recommendation. Famprofazone, kebuzone, metamizol, mofebutazone, phenazone, phenylbutazone, and propyphenazone should be avoided. Accidental intake does not require any limitations on breastfeeding, but the medication should be changed. Ibuprofen and paracetamol are the anal-gesics/antiphlogistlcs of choice.

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