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The care of pregnant women presents one of the paradoxes of modern medicine, Women usually require little medical intervention during an (uneventful) pregnancy. Conversely, those at high risk of damage to their own health, or that of their unborn, require the assistance of appropriate medicinal technology, including drugs. Accordingly, there are two classes of pregnant women; the larger group requires support but little intervention, while the other requires the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures applied in any other branch of mcdicine (Chamberlain 1991). Maternal illness demands treatment tolerated by the unborn. However, a normal pregnancy needs to avoid harmful drugs - both prescribed and over-the-counter, and drugs of abuse, including cigarettes and alcohol - as well as occupational and environmental exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Obviously, sufficient and well-balanced nutrition is also essential. Currently, this set of positive preventive measures is by no means broadly guaranteed in either developing or industrial countries. When such primary preventive measures are neglected, complications of pregnancy and developmental disorders can result. Furthermore, nutritional deficiencies and toxic effects during prenatal life predispose the future adult to some diseases, such as schizophrenia (St Clair 2005), fertility disorders (Elias 2005), metabolic imbalances (Painter 2005), diabetes, and cardiovascular illnesses, as demonstrated by Barker (1998), based upon epidemiological and experimental data.

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Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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