Cardiovascular drugs and diuretics

Christof Schaefer

4.6.1 ß-receptor blockers 680

4.6.2 Hydralazine 682

4.6.3 a-methyldopa 682

4.6.4 Calcium antagonists 683

4.6.5 ACE inhibitors 684

4.6.6 Angiotensin-!! receptor-antagonists 684

4.6.7 Other antihypertensives 685

4.6.8 Dihydroergotamine and other antihypotensives 686

4.6.9 Digitalis 686

4.6.10 Antiarrhythmics 687

4.6.11 Diuretics 690

4.6.12 Circulatory drugs and vasodilators 691

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