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Atropine-Wke preparations are considered to be contraindicated due to tbe extreme sensitivity of the infant to this group of substances. However, there have been no publications, as yet, in which negative effects on the baby have been described as a result of giving atropine-like drugs to a breastfeeding mother.

Butylscopolamine appears to be well-tolerated by the breastfed infant, either as a single parenteral dose or with repeated oral or rectal administration.

Experience with other anticholinergics such as butinolin, denaverin, glycopyrrolate bromide, hymecromon, mebeverine, methanthelinium, oxybutynin, phenamazide, pipenzolate, pipoxolan, tiropramide, toltero-dine, trospium chloride, and valethamate bromide is insufficient with respect to breastfeeding.

Recommendation. Butylscopolamine may be administered for appropriate indications. In the case of bladder incontinence, oxybutynin, which is equally widely used, also seems to be acceptable. Single administration of the other drugs mentioned does not require any limitation of breastfeeding. However, a critical look at the Indications, and in some cases a change in therapy, should be undertaken.

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New Mothers Guide to Breast Feeding

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