Androgens and anabolics

Pharmacology and toxicology

Among the androgens available in drug form are mesterolone, testolactone, and testosterone. There is no indication for using this class of drugs during pregnancy. All of the earlier common reasons (i.e. psychosexual) for giving androgens to premenopausal women are considered outdated. Use of androgens to inhibit lactation also reflects outmoded practice.

2.15.16 Antiestrogens, antiandrogens, and danazol

Among anabolics on the market arc clostebol, metenolone, and naticLrolone. There is no indication for treatment with this class of drugs during pregnancy. However, imported "black market" prepa- ^^ rations used in connection with sports involving strength have been continued "accidentally" during pregnancy. Practical experience in ^EJ human pregnancy with these agents is insufficient for a differentiated risk assessment, also with regard to masculinization.

Recommendation. Androgens and anabolics are absolutely contraindi-cated in pregnancy. However, accidental use does not require a risk-based termination of the pregnancy. After repeated exposure, a detailed ultrasound examination is recommended to verify a normal morphologic development of the fetus.

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