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Ezine Article Sniper Resources

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Reaching Millions through Media

DPA reaches millions in the U.S. and worldwide through quotes in major articles, cover stories, op-eds, letters to the editor and appearances on local and national television news programs. DPA's website,, features the latest drug policy news, an action center that enables members to contact government officials, and activist discussion forums. DPA also publishes a monthly e-newsletter and electronic action and advocacy alerts on important drug policy issues. Our New York-based Lindesmith Library contains more than 10,000 books, reports, government documents, periodicals, videos and articles on drugs and drug policy.

May the Best Meme

This is why Hutchinson spends his efforts educating people about brain machines rather than distributing the machines himself. His newsletters detail where to purchase machines, how they work, why they're good, and how to make them. Mass education is mass production, he says. Even if the machines are outlawed, the circuit diagrams we've printed will keep the technology accessible,

Eucalyptine pholcodine Pholcodine Eucardin Phenobarbital Eucodal Oxycodone

European Association of Libraries and Information Services on Alcohol and other Drugs, ELISAD Organisation of librarians and other information specialists. Arrange a yearly conference and publish a newsletter ELISAD-News. Cooperating with SALIS. European Cities Against Drugs ECAD, organisation founded 1994. The majors of some European cities were invited by the mayor of Stockholm where they signed The Stockholm resolution mainly targeting against the legalization of drugs. ECAD was formed partly as a reaction on another cooperation between cities the European Cities on Drug Policy, EDCP. ECAD has a newsletter and arrange seminars and conferences. European Cities on Drug Policy Organisation founded 1990 in connection with a conference in Frankfurt where a resolution known as the Frankfurt-declaration was passed demanding decriminalization of cannabis and small personal possession of other drugs,.substitution therapy, syringe exchange programs and other measures for harm reduction of...


Author Biographical Sketch Ed Coet is a retired US Army officer, a professional educator, and a widely published freelance writer and poet. Ed has had numerous articles published on a variety of topics. Ed's short stories, David's Angel, Big Bertha, and Simon and Papa John were published in the popular ezine Bewildering Stories. They also appear in the Author's Den along with several of Ed's other articles and poems. Ed Coet's poems have been published in or accepted for publication in Purple Dream Ezine, Solder Works magazine, Children, Churches & Daddies Magazine, Scars publication, Steller Showcase Journal, Both Sides Now Journal, Because We Write Magazine, Cynic Magazine, Fullosia Press, Author's Den Ezine, and Muscadine Lines, A Southern Journal.

Being a Volunteer

Several volunteers in this new group were social or professional acquaintances. Two were academic colleagues in the psychiatry department, one was a friend of my former wife, and seven belonged to a social group to which I was introduced several years after the research began. The nearly three dozen remaining people found out about the study by word of mouth they were friends of volunteers, received psychedelic newsletters describing the Albuquerque research, or just happened to be in a conversation during which the studies were discussed.

Pledge To Beat Drugs

Coaches and athletes all across the country can make a written commitment to take steps that will throw drugs and alcohol for a loss. The pledges below can be copied, modified, or used as samples to fit the needs of your team and school. Think creatively about how best to use these pledges. Signed pledges could be displayed in your school's main office or library. Teams and organizations could require the pledge as a precondition to playing or managing a sport. Neighboring schools might conduct a contest to see which could secure the greatest number of signed student, coach, or even parent, pledges. Talk to school administrators, parents, and community officials about how to monitor adherence to pledges and what consequences should result if players or coaches break their pledges. Generate interest in the pledges by placing an article in your school newspaper or PTA newsletter.

Great Britain

This organization has an education and advisory role within the medical profession and produces handbooks and newsletters related to alcohol misuse. The website contains links to further resources. 3 St. Andrew's Place, London, NW1 4LB. Tel. 020-7487-4445.

Gathering Storm

A similar pattern was repeated in the East Village, where a combination of runaways, tourism, and Mafia heroin destroyed a creative scene that had been many years in the making. The psychedelic pioneers in New York were an informal group of beats, students, and pacifists who frequented an arcane bookstore on East Ninth Street run by Eric Loeb it sold peyote buttons that were on display in the storefront window in the late 1950S. Street acid was available by 1963, and as more people turned on, the gathering places became more explicit Ed Sanders' Peace Eye Bookstore, the Electric Circus performance space on Saint Mark's Place, Fillmore East on Second Avenue, Tompkins Square and Washington Square Park. There was also an array of coffee shops, including the Psychedelicatessen, and other conspicuous hangouts offering copies of Inner Space, a psychedelic newsletter published by Lynn House. The topography of New York City made the situation all the more intense, and there was plenty of...


Jef You were Editor of Cannabis Culture magazine for a decade, what was that like Dana That's right, Marc Emery started the marijuana and hemp newsletter and I took it over. I worked in the store a little bit (Hemp BC) but I've never been good at retail, let's just say at the time I wasn't good at retail, working over the counter and all that, but I liked writing and editing and educating. So I took over the newsletter and it became a magazine and I learned a lot about producing a magazine, distribution and how this industry works. It's definitely helped me to get Hairy Pothead out there. I'm really glad I did the magazine for all those years, both because I think it needed to be done and because it gave me a ten-year in-depth education about marijuana and because of that I feel I know more about pot facts than almost anyone in the world. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I know more about every particular thing like growing or that but because of those 10 years, I do have a broad...

Us Drug Use Stats

The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) is taking the vaccine moniker literally. In the agency's NIDA Notes newsletter, the institute reported that NicVAX might be useful not only for those people who want to stop smoking, but also as an inoculation for people who have never smoked. According to NIDA Notes, NicVAX may even prove useful as an inoculation against nicotine addiction, much like those that protect children from tetanus, measles, and polio. 32