Organically Grown CBD Products From Green Compass Global

As the CBD industry continues to rapidly grow, more and more companies are emerging from almost every corner of the planet. This increases competition in the market, which may also translate to quality products for consumers. Unfortunately, not all CBD companies follow the right production processes when manufacturing their products.

One company that has been generating some buzz lately is Green Compass Global. Generally, the CBD niche in the MLM industry is not common, but it is fast growing. Today, most MLM companies have ventured into the CBD niche and are marketing products with the aim of providing an alternative healthcare solution.

In this Green Compass Global Review, I am going to take you through the company, its products, and any other thing you need to know about it including the compensation plan.

What is Green Compass Global?

Green Compass Global is a multi-level marketing company or MLM, which promotes CBD products.

The company was launched by Sterling and Meredith Cook to cater to individuals who can confidently sell CBD oil products.

In other words, Green Compass Global helps you earn through the selling of the CBD products advertised on their website. You can also make money by recruiting others.

The founders of the company are both parts of a generation that is known for being deep farmers. The main crop that they grow is the cannabis plant, which produces organic CBD.

What Products Does the Green Compass Global Produce?

The main ingredient in all of the company’s products is the organic CBD oils and its extract. Though they don’t have their own labs, they usually take their raw material to a third-party lab to test the potency of the products as well as their pureness.

Unlike other MLM companies, Green Compass Global grows its own main ingredient on its company-owned farms.

Also, they don't work with a formulation company, which is something common within the MLM industry.

Currently, the company offers only 4 products, including:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil
  • Refined Isolated CBD Hemp Oil
  • Topical CBD Cream
  • CBD For Pets

Now, let’s see what each product comprises.

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

The first product offered by Green Compass Global is the Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil. It is undefined CBD oil, meaning that you may find traces of THC included in the formulation. This also means that you have a career or job that involves regular drug tests, and then it will be better not to touch this product.

The THC may not be traced on your pee, but a hair follicle test will detect it.

So maybe just don't use the full spectrum if you want to keep your job.

The Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract also comes in 3 potencies, which are either Natural of Mint Flavor.

They include:

  • 500 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • 750 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • 1000 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Refined Isolated CBD Hemp Oil

Since this product is refined, it offers CBD without traces of THC within its formula. It comes in 2 different potencies with Natural or Citrus flavor.

The potencies include:

  • 500 mg Refined CBD Hemp Oil
  • 750 mg Refined CBD Hemp oil

Topical CBD Cream

This balm is used for relieving pain in your arms, neck, back, or anywhere else. You just rub the cream onto the area that you feel pain.

The product also comes in 2 different potencies with either Menthol or Natural.

The 2 creams are:

  • Soothing Skin Topical CBD Cream
  • Muscle & Joint with Menthol Topical CBD Cream

CBD For Pets

As the name suggests, this product is for your pet. You just have to drop the liquid into their mouths.

However, the potency for this product is less due to the smaller sizes of the pets.

It comes also in natural flavor but in 1 potency- 250 mg CBD Hemp Extracts For Pets.

How Does Green Compass Global Work?

In our next section of the green Compass Global Review, I am going to walk you through the compensation plan.

Every MLM companies offer a compensation plan that remunerates affiliates to sell your products to customers.

Most MLM companies usually hide their compensation plans until you have joined. But that is not the case with Green Compass Global.

Their compensation plan is known before joining and is well balanced.

Before accessing the compensation plan, you will have to join the network by purchasing either of the following:

  • Basic Business Kit: $49.95
  • Core Start Success Pack: $299.95 (with more than $600 worth of products).

As you can see, the Core Start Success Pack plan comes with an assortment of products.

Compensation Plan

Affiliate Ranks

Green Compass Global offers a range of affiliate ranks and you will be required to meet certain goals to move from one rank to the next. Generally, you will have to sell a certain amount of products or recruit a certain number of people. You will also be needed to hit a certain target team sales.

Retail Commissions

The company also offers a discounted price for their CBD products for retailers.  Besides the discount, you will also receive a commission when a person buys a product from the official company website and input the certain code at the check-out page.

Residual Commissions

This compensation plan entails building your team and earning commission from anyone you recruit. However, the company has not provided clear information on how much you earn for this plan.


The company also offers different sets of bonuses, from matching bonuses, to car repayments and travel.

Final Thoughts

So is it worth it to join Green Compass Global?

First of all, the CBD industry is currently one of the hottest and is going to continue growing globally. This shows that there are opportunities in the CBD industry and gives all the reasons to join. You will be able to tap into loads of customers willing to try out the CBD products for themselves.

Also, the starting prices are affordable for Green Compass Global compared to other MLM companies.

Is the company a scam? No, Green Compass Global is a legitimate multi-level marketing company in the CBD industry.

The only downside of the company is that their products are pretty expensive, which can also mean that they are of high quality.

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