Quart Jars for Retards v20

Thanks to Micron Magick Filter Discs even if this is your first attempt at growing mushrooms you can start off with grains, trays and casing. Skipping the less productive learning process of the PF/MMGG Tek.

Here's what you'll need to succeed

Pressure Cooker Drug

• Pressure Cooker (able to hold 7 quart jars)

• 7 Quart Jars (plastic lids optional)

• 5 1/2 cups of Rye Berries or 6 1/2 cups of Finch Seed

• Mountain Spring Water

• 7 Micron Magick Filter Discs

• Aluminum Foil

• Measuring Cup

• 2 Spore syringes

• Felt-tip Marker

• Butane Lighter (not pictured)

• 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (not pictured)

• Paper Towel (not pictured)

• Strainer (not pictured)

Step 1 - Grain Preparation

Now, there are lot of variations on the water to grain ratio, but we've found if you let the grains take care of themselves they will find the proper moisture content.

Take your measured grains and place them in a large pot. Completely cover all of the grains with Mountain Spring water, making sure that there is enough water in the pot so, that the grains are always under an inch of water or so. Bring the pot to a boil. Once the pot is boiling reduce to a simmer for 45 minutes or until you see the grains start to explode. Which ever comes first.

Pour the grains into a strainer and rinse thoroughly with cold tap water to stop the grain from cooking any longer. Let grains drip dry for at least 15-20 minutes to make sure there is no excess water as the grains moisture content is at proper level.

Note: The biggest mistake made in this Tek is the drip drying the excess water off of the grains. It IS important that all of the water is gone as the grains have all of the water they need stored inside themselves.

Step 2 - Sterilization

Your grains should now equal 14 cups. Place 2 cups of the gains in each of the 7 quart jars. Next, take a Micron Magick Filter Discs and place it on top of the jars mouth. Followed by the metal lid placed upside down, to keep out water while pressure cooking. Screw the band on over these. If using a plastic lid with a hole in the top just screw it on over the filter disc.

There will be extra filter disc material that you'll need to cut off with a scalpel just below the band. Failing to do so will result in the disc wicking extra moisture into the jar. Wrap the jar lid with aluminum foil.

Pressure cook the jars at 15 psi for 60 minutes. Start the 60 minutes once your pressure cooker reaches 15 psi. You don't want to cook the grains for any longer then 90 minutes.

When you're done pressure cooking take the jars out and give them a good shaking to mix the grains up. Let jars cool over night before inoculating.

[Picture of hot grains before shaking] [Picture of hot grains after shaking]

Step 3 - Inoculation

Unscrew the band and remove the metal lid. Most of the time you will see water beaded up on the filter disc, blot this off with a paper towel, the disc may also become damp. If this happens, just let them sit out to dry off before inoculating. Place a paper towel over the jars to protect them from falling contamination.

Shake the syringe up real good to evenly distribute the spores. To sterilize the needle get it glowing hot with a butane lighter and wipe with an alcohol soaked paper towel.

Heroin Soaked Paper

When using Micron Magick Filter Discs you can inject all of your jars or until the syringe is empty. Simply stick the syringe needle through the filter disc near the rim of the jar and inject 1-2cc of spore solution into the jar. Repeat until done with jar or syringe empty. The idea of injecting close to the rim is so that when you place the band on that it will cover the hole. Wrap the top of the jar loosely with foil and label the jars.

All that's left to do is check on them every 3-4 days. When good mycelium growth is present give the jars a good shaking to spread the mycelium around. Jar will colonize in about 8-15 days

Poor Man's Mycelium Syringe Tek

Can a healthy colonized cake be contaminated? Yes or no?

Jar Mushroom Lables


Fully Colonized Substrair

1 fully colonized substrate Jar

1 sterile syringe (larger and longer needles are better) 1 empty jar (^ pint, plastic lid is required) 1 bottle of Karo (honey may be substituted) Bottle of distilled water

Incubator A table spoon Electric tape Pin

Alcohol Paper towel Lighter Microwave A coffee filter A rubber band

All procedures must be done as clean as possible. The cleaner the better. If you have one available, use a glove box or flow hood.

Karo preparation:

Jar lid: Poke a single hole through the lid of the jar. This will be how you suck the Karo into the syringe.

Using your Table spoon, put one spoon full of Karo in to the empty jar. Now fill the jar up with the distilled water. Put your lid on the jar and tighten it down. Now tape the holes over using the electric tape. Taking the pin carefully poke a hole through tape. This is so after you sterilize the jar a vacuum will not remain.

Now place a coffee filter over the jars lid and hold it with a rubber band. Karo sterilization:

Note: Clean the microwave out. Clean it as well as possible with bleach.

Place the jar into your microwave. Set the heat setting on high. Cook it for 1 minute. Wait 5 minutes and cook for another minute. CAUTION THE JAR WILL BE HOT! Leave it in the Microwave over night. This will keep it clean as it cools.

Inoculation of the Karo:

Unwrap the syringe from its packaging. Make sure the needle touches nothing. Take the alcohol and wet a corner of the paper towel. Take the coffee filter off and wipe the tape on the jar with the paper towel. Using the lighter flame the needle until it glows red. Now using the paper towel with the alcohol on it, wipe the needle clean. Insert the needle into the hole on top of the jar. Pull the plunger until the syringe is almost filled. Wipe the needle down with the paper towel again and recap it.

Wipe the lid with the paper towel. Now uncap the syringe and flame the needle again. Insert the needle in to the hole on the jar and inject the Karo in to the side of the jar in-between the cake and the glass. With draw the syringe and wipe and recap. Now shake the Colonized jar vigorously for about a minute or two. Then Uncap the syringe and draw up the water back into the syringe from the colonized jars.

Note: The syringe might not fill completely back up. But shouldn't be a problem. Try and get as much as possible from inside the jar without taking the needle out, As this may cause contaminations. *also. Holding the jar on its side for a moment or two while sucking the Karo back up might help. Now you have Live mycelium in your syringe.


Normal incubation ranges. 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Incubate in the dark for 3~5 days.

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