Qualification of the Expert

The testimony of an expert witness plays a crucial role in the outcome of a trial; therefore, it is important that an attorney distinguishes the witness as an expert in their field of interest. Experts whose credentials are not properly established in court run the risk of having their entire testimony stricken from the record and the collective mind of the jury.

It is important for the expert to discuss his or her qualifications with the attorney before the trial. The CV should be reviewed beforehand so that notable projects, coursework, published works, teaching experience, professional activities, awards and so on can be highlighted for the attorney. It is important to remember that jury members are not the only ones who lack in scientific training. This is often true of the attorney. It is the responsibility of the expert to educate the attorney and to make sure the right questions are being asked. The expert should never testify to facts that fall outside the realm of the individual's training.

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