Products Claiming to Beat Hair Drug Test

There are numerous sites on the Internet that sell products and claim to beat or pass the hair drug test. Searching on Google using the phrase "pass hair drug test" showed 6,620,000 hits in 0.22 s. Although most of these sites claim that their product works 100%, and some with money back guarantee, there is very little scientific evidence whether these products actually work.

Rohrich et al. (54) investigated the effect of shampoo Ultra Clean (Zydot Unlimited, Tulsa, Ok) on eliminating THC, cocaine, amphetamine, MDA, MDMA, MDEA, heroin, 6-monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM), morphine, codeine, dihydrocodeine and methadone from hair samples. The authors used postmortem hair samples from subjects with known history of drug abuse. Their findings suggested that single use of Ultra Clean did not sufficiently remove these drugs to cause negative results.

Defeat Drugs and Live Free

Defeat Drugs and Live Free

Being addicted to drugs is a complicated matter condition that's been specified as a disorder that evidences in the obsessional thinking about and utilization of drugs. It's a matter that might continue to get worse and become disastrous and deadly if left untreated.

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