Passive Exposure to Cocaine Smoke

Passive inhalation of cocaine smoke leading to a positive test for benzoylecgonine in adults has not been reported in the literature. Passive exposure to cocaine smoke can result in absorption of cocaine and excretion of a detectable amount of benzoylecgonine into the urine (16). In this study, all urine specimens collected from six individuals following passive exposure to 100 or 200 mg of vaporized cocaine tested negative for benzoylecgonine using the standard 300 ng/ml cutoff. Peak benzoylecgonine concentrations ranged from 22 to 123 ng/ml, and the amount of inhaled cocaine was calculated to be 0.25 mg. In a parallel study, 1 mg of cocaine delivered intravenously to the same study subjects produced cocaine-positive urine specimens. It was estimated that the amount of cocaine absorbed from secondary smoke exceeding 1 mg could result in a cocaine-positive urine specimen (16).

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