Interaction Of Garlic Allium Sativum With Drugs

Garlic is widely used as a herbal supplement promoted to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Garlic is rich in the sulfur-containing compounds allicin and alliin. Piscitelli et al. studied the effect of garlic on pharmacokinetics of saquinavir, a protease inhibitor, with 10 health volunteers. In the presence of garlic, the mean saquinavir AUC during 8-h dosing interval decreased by 51%, and trough serum concentration 8h after dosing reduced by 54%. After a 10-day washout period, the AUC and trough serum concentrations returned to 60-70% of the baseline values. The altered pharmacokinetics of saquinavir were considered to be related to decreased bioavailability of saquinavir (73). This may be due to inhibition of P-glycoprotein pump in the gut mucosa by garlic. Although interaction between warfarin and garlic has been reported, Macan et al. (74) recently reported that aged garlic extract may not have any interaction with warfarin.

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