Extemporaneous Preparations Containing Cocaine

There are no prescription medications that contain cocaine. Extemporaneous preparations containing cocaine, however, are used as local anesthetics in ENT surgery and in ophthalmological procedures. Patients who had had these ENT and ophthalmo-logical procedures tested positive for benzoylecgonine up to 2-3 days following the procedure (9,10).

TAC (tetracaine, adrenalin, and cocaine) is a topical preparation used for surface anesthesia during various surgical procedures. It was used extensively on patients during skin suturing in the emergency department although the popularity of this preparation has waned in recent years. In one report, 78% of the patients who were exposed to TAC tested positive for benzoylecgonine the morning after and some continued to test positive 36 h after the use of TAC (11).

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