Drugfacilitated Sexual Assault Drugs

Sexual assault refers to a broad array of sexual offenses that involve touching or penetration of an intimate part of another person's body without consent. A sexual assault is "drug-facilitated" when the victim is incapacitated or unconscious due to the effects of a drug and as a result is unable to give consent. The impairing drug may be taken knowingly by the individual or may be given surreptitiously to the victim by another (2). The most commonly used drug in DFSA is ethanol; up to 75% of all DFSAs involve ethanol (3). As stated earlier, ethanol testing is usually included in routine clinical testing; however, a number of drugs often implicated as DFSA agents are not detected by commonly performed immunoassay testing. Two such drugs are gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and flunitrazepam.

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