Defenses Of Positive Results

In an employment-related matter, it is likely that the individual has denied any recent illegal drug use. The explanations for laboratory results that infer otherwise are varied and range from laboratory and/or collector errors to creative means by which the compounds were unknowingly ingested. An expert witness should be prepared to provide scientific data to support the accuracy of the results as well as to counter common perceptions and misconceptions about the testing process and interpretation of results.

As the testing process begins at the collection site, suggestions of sample mix-ups may be directed both at the collection site and at the laboratory. A representative of the collection process may be called as a witness to attest to the validity of the collection. As the expert witness from the laboratory, you can only attest to the process followed after the specimen is received at the laboratory. Recalling specific details about handling and testing individual specimens is not required because utilization of laboratory automation, bar coding of specimen labels and written standard operating procedures are routinely utilized by laboratory personnel to ensure the integrity of the overall process of laboratory operation.

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