Analytical Considerations

Many investigators used immunoassays available for monitoring serum concentrations of various drugs to determine salivary concentrations of drugs. al Za'abi et al. used the respective FPIA and TDx analyzer (Abbott Laboratories) for the determination of free carbamazepine, valproic acid, and phenytoin concentrations in serum as well as for measuring salivary concentrations of the respective drugs (103). Madsen et al. used the Beckman Synchron CX system and Beckman immunoassay for determination of plasma as well as salivary concentration of tobramycin (108). However, for drugs where immunoassays are not available, HPLC can be used for determination of both serum and salivary concentration of a drug. Ryan et al. (110) used HPLC for determination of both serum and salivary concentrations of lamotrigine.

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