Presence of amphetamines in sweat has been reported in several studies. Fay et al. (84) collected sweat, using a FDA-approved device PharmChek (PharmChem Inc., Haltom City, TX) sweat patch, from volunteers dosed with 10, 20 and 25 mg methamphetamine. The drugs were eluted from the collection pad of the patch and tested using EIA and GC-MS. Sweat primarily contained parent methamphetamine. In another study using 180 drivers who failed the field sobriety tests, sweat samples collected from the forehead with a fleece moistened with isopropanol showed positive predictive value of 90% for amphetamines by GC-MS (85). Samyn et al. (86) administered 75 mg MDMA to 12 volunteers who were known recreational MDMA users and then collected sweat for 5 h. The average concentration of MDMA was 25 ng/wipe. Like urine, the guidelines require the presence of amphetamine on methamphetamine-positive samples (3).

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