Adulteration Product Urine Luck

Wu et al. reported that the active ingredient of "Urine Luck" is 200 mmol/L of PCC. The authors reported a decrease in the response rate for all EMIT II drug screens and for the Abuscreen (Abbott Laboratories) morphine and THC assays. In contrast, Abuscreen amphetamine assay produced a higher response and no effect was observed on the results of BE and PCP. This adulteration of urine did not alter GC/MS confirmation of methamphetamine, BE and PCP. However, apparent concentrations of opiates and THC as determined by GC/MS were reduced (24). Paul et al. also studied the effect of "Urine Luck" on testing for drugs of abuse. When THC-COOH-containing urine specimens were treated with 2 mmol/L of PCC, 58-100% of the THC-COOH was lost. The loss increased with decreasing pH and increasing time of incubation (0-3 days). There was no effect on the concentration of free codeine or free morphine if the pH of the urine was in the range of 5-7, but at lower pH, significant loss of free morphine was observed. Amphetamine, methamphetamine, BE and PCP remained unaffected by PCC at urine pH 3-7 (25).

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