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Total Money Magnetism is developed by Dr. Steve G. Jones who is a clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner since 1980s. He was a financially weak person struggling to pay his debts, somehow perceived an unusual guidance from a friend after which he became a self-made multi-millionaire, featured in Forbes magazine, People magazine and a lot of articles and radio interviews, and his clients include Hollywood celebrities, directors, CEOs, executives, and sports athletes. That guidance was 6 step secret method to develop a millionaire's brain which he explains in detail on this online interface. Actually, a poor person's brain is stuck in the same scratch while rich man's brain is well mapped and has the neural strength to always develop money making ideas. So Total Money Magnetism uses scientifically proven methods to effortlessly transform the programming of the brain to remove mental blocks, develop wealth pathways and build connections. This platform offers The Skill of Money Magnetism e-book, a valuable and inspirational audio track by Steve G. Jones himself, The Millionaire Mindset, which is an exclusive interview with many self-made millionaires, Mark Ling's 3 fastest ways to make millions online, and Platinum Millionaire Mind Makers, which are three proven and tested audio tracks to steadily and unconsciously reset your mind to become attractive to wealth. More here...

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Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Dietary Supplement Health and Education

Because herbs cannot be sold and promoted in the United States as drugs, they are regulated as nutritional or dietary substances. Nutritional or dietary substances are terms used by the federal government to identify substances not regulated as drugs by the FDA but that are purported to be effective for use to promote health. Herbs, as well as vitamins and minerals, are classified as dietary or nutritional supplements. Because natural products cannot be patented in the United States, it is not profitable for drug manufacturers to spend the millions of dollars and the 8 to 12 years to study and develop these products as drugs. In 1994, the US government passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). This act defines substances such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural substances as dietary supplements. The act permits general health claims such as improves memory or promotes regularity as long as the label also has a disclaimer stating that the...

Diagnoses in Psychiatric Disorders

Years some of these teenagers have found their way into psychiatric hospitals, labeled with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and placed on medications. Some psychiatric hospitals made a practice of admitting adolescents in distress, using the diagnosis of bipolar disorder inappropriately in order to increase their billing to insurance companies. This practice was so widespread that the federal government finally intervened, charging the hospitals with fraud and assessing fines of millions of dollars. Many of these children did not have bipolar disorder at all, but were acting inappropriately because of stresses in their families, with their friends, and at school. They needed therapy to help them deal with their lives.

Extent of information available on the genesproteins

This paradigm of searching for target proteins in genomics data is considered to be so promising that pharmaceutical industry has been investing heavily in it in over the past years. Contracts between pharmaceutical companies and new biotech industry that is providing the data and clues to new targets have involved hundreds of million dollars. In turn, each new target protein can afford a completely new approach to disease therapy and a potentially highly lucrative worldwide market share. Yet, the paradigm still has to prove its value. These commercial aspects of the research have also

New Billion Dollar Crop Popular Mechanics February 1938

American farmers are promised new cash crop with an annual value of several hundred million dollars, all because a machine has been invented which solves a problem more than 6,000 years old. It is hemp, a crop that will not compete with other American products. Instead, it will displace imports of raw material and manufactured products produced by underpaid coolie and peasant labor and it will provide thousands of jobs for American workers throughout the land. The machine which makes this possible is designed for removing the fiber-bearing cortex from the rest of the stalk, making hemp fiber available for use without a prohibitive amount of human labor. Hemp is the standard fiber of the world. It has great tensile strength and durability. It is used to produce more than 5,000 textile products, ranging from rope to fine laces, and the woody hurds remaining after the fiber has been removed contains more than seventy-seven per cent cellulose, and can be used to produce more than 25,000...

Prohibiting A Plant That Grows Almost Anywhere

Prohibition may reduce cannabis use by making the drug more expensive and harder to get. We review the evidence on this in Chapter 3. It may also shorten use careers. It is also clear that cannabis prohibition has adverse consequences for society by creating large-scale black markets and preventing the effective regulation of a product which can come in forms of varying potency and possibly dangerousness. Though cannabis markets generate less violence than the markets for other prohibited drugs (why is not clear, and would be worth researching), they do generate some tens of billions of dollars in revenues to criminals, and at least modest levels of corruption in some countries. The active enforcement of the

Breakthrough in Papermaking

In fact, when the preceding two articles were prepared early in 1937, hemp was still legal to grow. And these who predicted billions of dollars in new cannabis businesses did not consider income from medicines, energy (fuel) and food, which would now add another trillion dollars or more annually to our coming natural economy (compared to our synthetic, environmentally troubled economy). Relaxational smoking would add only a relatively minor amount to this figure.

Conspiracy to Wipe Out the Natural Competition

In the mid-1930s, when the new mechanical hemp fiber stripping machines and machines to conserve hemp's high-cellulose pulp finally became state-of-the-art, available and affordable, the enormous timber acreage and businesses of the Hearst Paper Manufacturing Division, Kimberly Clark (USA), St. Regis - and virtually all other timber, paper and large newspaper holding companies -stood to lose billions of dollars and perhaps go bankrupt.

Better Business Bureaus

In 1922 the great international banking racket known as J. P. Morgan & Company laid elaborate plans for swindling the investing public thru the sale of billions of dollars in worthless bonds of foreign governments. In the early 30s a committee of Congress caught some of these Wall Street burglars red-handed bribing the editors and financial writers of the large New York dailies including the Times and Wall Street Journal to print fake stories of worthless securities to peg the market. Millions of dollars were lost by the victims of these inspired newspaper articles.

It Is the Mind of

He eats an ice cream from the shop downstairs as he explains how his intention in building the interface was to, provide ham radio operators with access to the electronic mail services of UNIX systems to other sites on the Internet. My terminal is up twenty-four hours a day. It was never done before, it was fun to do, it gave me the ability to learn about electronic mail, and it provided a service. No profit bu could make money off of it, I suppose, but my specific concern was to advance the state of the radio art.

Protecting Pharmaceutical Companies Profits

NORML, High Times, and Omni (September 1982) indicate that Eli Lilly, Abbott Labs, Pfizer, Smith, Kline & French, and others would lose hundreds of millions, to billions of dollars annually, and lose even more billions in Third World countries, if marijuana were legal in the U.S.*

Putting the Fox into the Health Care Chicken Coop

Omni also stated in 1982 (and it's still true in 1999), that after tens of millions of dollars and nine years of research on medical marijuana synthetics, these drug companies are totally successful, even though raw, organic cannabis is a superior medicine which works so well naturally, on so many different illnesses.

W Health Testimonials

Cannabis contaminated with Grit (otherwise known as Grit Weed) has already put me in hospital after I unwittingly smoked it. These days, not even sensimelia or herbal cannabis is safe from adulteration. All cannabis users need affordable and clean access to this life-altering drug. Without cannabis, euthanasia is my only option in life. My only release from the pain I am in. Some grit weed I obtained locally was later found to be sprayed with ground glass. Adding artificial weight to their Cannabis means more money for them. Meanwhile, as an end user it affected my mouth and lungs and left me in severe spasms and doubled up in pain. It was almost like I was having painful, uncontrollable fits.

And another thing genetically modified everything

Kept medfly out of the US for decades, saving billions and billions of dollars to agriculture, which could be crushed by an outbreak. However, this is a very costly process, which could be improved by using GM flies that do not have to be irradiated because they have genes introduced that make them sterile. Scientists involved in research on GM insects have been calling for funding of detailed environmental impact surveys so that the technology can be used. This kind of survey would cost a couple of million dollars, but if shown to be effective, the technology could potentially save the US tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. The same technology could also be used to develop GM mosquitoes to fight West Nile fever, malaria and dengue fever, saving millions of lives each year. But with no framework in place to regulate these insects and no funding to test their environmental impact, the work will remain stalled. So while the US has been overly friendly to allowing GM crops on the...

Diet Pills and Teenage Girls

Historically, beauty standards have often been set by the upper classes in a society. In many cultures, physical attributes that are associated with wealth also become associated with beauty. For example, in societies that are experiencing famine or lack of food, a plump body (a sign of wealth and strength in an otherwise bleak picture of wasting and emaciation) is often seen as beautiful. In a society that has plenty of food (like North America), thinness becomes associated with wealth because wealthy people have the time and the money to dedicate to things like fitness and special diets. In such a well-fed society, being thin or skinny becomes beautiful. In situations like these, people do not necessarily consciously associate the physical attributes of wealth with beauty, but wealth is desirable, and therefore the physical attributes of wealthy people become desirable. Similarly, in societies where large families consisting of many children are desirable, physical attributes that...

Challenging Student Drug Testing Propaganda

Bush's drug czar annually doles out millions of dollars to school systems for these misguided programs. The drug czar hosted seven summits this year to promote student drug testing in Colorado, Florida, Indiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Washington State and Washington, D.C. At every summit, DPA staff and or supporters showed up to share with educators and the media our concerns that these programs discourage student participation in extracurricular activities and erode relationships of trust at school. We placed op-eds in local papers, distributed literature and posed tough questions challenging the federal government's propaganda.

B is for Bioweapon C is for Chemical attack

Formed a simulation of how the public would react after a dirty bomb was detonated in downtown Washington DC, they found that employees would not return to work or even enter the city because they would not perceive it as being safe. The public would essentially not come to the area, even after the radioactive material was cleared. If a significant dirty bomb were detonated in a large American city the economic cost to the country could be hundreds of billions of dollars, making the anthrax letters look like loose change. To what level would you have to clean the building to assure the public that it is safe to return It is certainly lower than the standards that the government proposes for safety, and some watchdog groups claim that the relaxed standards are designed to protect the powerful nuclear industry, which some claim has the Department of Energy in its pocket.

The Consequences of Getting Tough

On the streets of Harlem we saw increases in violence stemming not from the use of heroin but from the increasingly lucrative commerce in heroin. Most of the users dozed away their lives, incapable of violence. In fact, some analysts believed that the New York teenage fighting gangs that caused great concern during the 1950s disintegrated when gang members began to use heroin. In Harlem and other poor neighborhoods, young boys who had dropped out of school and had little chance for legitimate careers suddenly saw more money than they had dreamed of and were willing to kill rivals who threatened their new affluence.

Money drives the ship

Reporters have been asleep at the wheel on this one. Through the lens of reality, journalists would really write 'discovery of the mutant gene for rarediseasia opens the door for disease advocates to lobby for more money to do research on the disease with no chance of a drug company taking up their cause.' This is an unfortunate reality of the pharmaceutical industry for truly rare diseases that affect a few thousand people or fewer, the market is generally dead.

Entrapment Intolerance and Ignorance

This constant fanning of public fears of marijuana turns into demands for more money for a War on Drugs (a euphemism for war on certain people who freely choose to use selected substances) and political pressure for the permission to use unconstitutional means to enforce the constantly harsher laws. He offered no proof, and although crack was not a major issue in Kentucky, proclaimed that more money was necessary for the war on drugs because of this new found marijuana-induced danger stupidity (Which, as far as we know, is still not a crime.)

Phony Business Method

You and staking you out at all times. Never say or do anything that you would not say or do with a DEA agent standing next to you. President Reagan has funded millions of dollars to fight illicit drugs, thereby opening thousands ofjobs for undercover agents and detectives.

The Drug Abuse Control Laws

Although written separately to address distinct problems, both sets of laws end up sharing a common purpose. They allow us to have safe and effective medications, while protecting us from drugs that might be useless, dangerous, or addictive. There is a long list of nonaddictive drugs that never were, or are no longer, available for use as medicines because they were either not safe or not effective. Ineffective drugs have been a particular plague to patients with devastating or fatal diseases like cancer and AIDS. When people are desperate, even just for the hope of a cure, they are willing to try anything. Despite FDA protections, charlatans still sometimes take advantage of this situation, producing and selling a drug they know is worthless just to make money. Other times, patients might actually believe that they have found a useful treatment, even though research has not established safety and efficacy. (Many cancer patients' belief that Laetrile, an extract of apricot pits, could...

Drug Administration Drug overdose

According to some authors, the increased accessibility and use of high-dose vitamin formulations has been encouraged by the multi-million-dollar health food industry, increased emphasis placed by physicians on more natural'' approaches to disease treatment, a population of consumers interested in so-called holistic medicine,'' and the marketing of these formulations in many countries without regulatory control. In therapeutic use, the physician has to keep in mind the benefit to harm balance of using high-dose vitamin supplements for disorders in which proof of efficacy is lacking (14).

Rorer Pressures Quaalude Jewelers

Mirrors that change hands for millions of dollars on the paraphernalia circuit, would be to second-guess the history of man's making do with household products to aid and abet his highs. Whole new industries have cropped up to supply legal highs by mail order, to manufacture and distribute false-bottom suitcases, electronic debugging equipment, hand calculators, and all the other accoutrements of the dope dealer's trade. And millions of older coke fiends eschew the use of thousand-dollar bejeweled knives in favor of the 79-cent box of Gem single-edge razors for refining their flake.

May the Best Meme

His sentence trails off as he muses on global brain-machine enlightenment. But the Food and Drug Administration has other plans for these devices. Manufacturers may no longer make medical claims about the machines before they have received FDA approval - a process requiring millions of dollars. Hutchinson is convinced that there are powers behind the suppression of the brain virus machine.

Recent MDMA Legal Maneuvers

Congressman Christopher Cannon's (R-Utah) methamphetamine bill, HR 2987, incorporates the major provisions of the Club Drug Anti-Proliferation Act (HR 4553) sponsored by Republican Congresswoman Judy Biggert of Illinois. HR 2987 calls for the United States Sentencing Commission to amend the federal sentencing guidelines to provide for higher penalties associated with the manufacture, distribution, and use of Ecstasy. Furthermore, the bill calls for five million dollars in funding to the public health service for school and community-based abuse and addiction prevention programs aimed at Ecstasy, PMA (paramethoxyamphetamine), and related club drugs.

Power growing with 28000 watts

For a commercial grower the punishments are higher than for a regular grower. I have the feeling that some people do what I do to make money which they use to finance criminal activities. In doing so they create hassle for their own people, through the violence that goes hand in hand with the activities they choose to finance.

Contraception misconception

Those who preach abstinence have a good point. It is next to impossible to get pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease if you are not having sexual contact with anyone else. Similarly, it is impossible to get fat if you refrain from eating. It is a total denial of our biological drive to have sex or eat. That is the point that the administration has made through the Department of Health and Human Services websites and a large campaign in schools to teach abstinence. In fact, the administration had spent close to a billion dollars between 2000 and 2005 trying to persuade American teens that abstinence is the way to go and that condoms are not as effective as people think. In 1988 about 1 in 50 high schools had abstinence-only programs. That number has skyrocketed, so that today about one third of American High Schools teach abstinence only. The administration has also given tens of millions of dollars to religious groups that urge children to sign an abstinence pledge....

Psychiatric Drugs Poison or Panacea

One in four people in the United States will suffer from depression at some point in their lives, one in five from anxiety. Millions more experience debilitating symptoms from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, and other psychiatric problems. More than thirty million people in the United States consume billions of dollars worth of psychiatric medications such as Prozac, Ritalin, Xanax, clozapine, and lithium. However, most people suffering from psychiatric problems receive no treatment.1

The Noncontributor to Charity

Inherit Your Own Money

A case in point is the American foreign aid program of the 1950s and 1960s. The government of the United States paid American farmers more than the market price for their produce, thus creating gigantic surpluses, for which still more money had to be allotted. Large quantities of this produce were then sent to countries such as India, where the domestic farm industry was virtually ruined by this subsidized importation.

Treating Yourself Magazine

The criminal element from marijuana, to do this it must be legal for ANYONE to grow and use marijuana that is at or above the age of consent By removing the archaic laws that continue to prohibit the free use of this wondrous herb we would free up multiple BILLIONS of dollars currently being eaten up by police agencies around the globe in an effort to stamp out a relatively harmless plant

Chapter One Initiation into Infinity

As I remember, the majority of reports came from Al Hubbard's file. Al was the grand old man of LSD, of consciousness change. How he heard about the LSD, I'm not sure, but he had worked with mescaline and other substances, and he was the first explorer of the LSD universe on the West Coast. He was reputed to be a millionaire, and after he first tried LSD, he reportedly ordered

Most Parents Dont Know If Their Teen Is Depressed

Obesidad Sobrepeso Quotes

As compared with antidepressant research on adults, there are relatively few studies that evaluate the efficacy of antidepressants in adolescents. This is because of the low cost-effectiveness for pharmaceutical companies which, after spending hundreds of millions of dollars bringing an antidepressant to market, do not want the added expense of testing it on children. The reason is all the more pertinent when considering the parent backlash against psychotropic medication for teens.

Drug Testing at the Workplace

Employers have an understandable interest in maximizing the performance of employees. Many are concerned that drug users may work less efficiently, have more accidents, or use more medical benefits. Other employers may favor hiring abstainers because of moral objections to drug use. Over 80 of major U.S. firms test for drugs, spending millions of dollars in the process.

Mommy Whats a stem cell

Today, according to the NIH stem cell registry, there are 22 stem cell lines available for research using federal funding. Tens of millions of dollars are being spent on research into these cell lines, the majority of that money being used to show how completely useless they are. Researchers are actually taking their federal grant dollars and using it to show how bad the stem cell lines that the President said would cure people of disease are. Not only that, few of the lines were derived from a single cell, meaning that the majority of them were derived from a mixed population of cells. This is less than ideal for therapy. In addition, all of the cells need to be fed in culture dishes by a thin layer of mouse cells. When human cells are fed this way they can become infected with mouse viruses, making them very dangerous for therapy. And that is precisely what happened every single one of the stem cell lines that the President authorized funding for is...

Effects Of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has profound effects not only on the user but also the user's family, friends, community, and workplace. Drug abuse is associated with a wide variety of negative consequences such as shattered families, gang activity, neighborhood decay, and crime. Law enforcement agencies spend billions of dollars per year combating drugs and drug-related crime, and thousands of people are sentenced to prison each year for drug offenses.

All children left behind

No Child Left Behind also misses a major problem with the funding of public schools. For most states the mainstay of public school funding is local property taxes. So, if you live in a wealthy area, you likely have a house that is valued higher than one in a poor neighborhood. That means that you pay higher property taxes and your school district gets more money as a result. Thus school districts in wealthy areas get more money than those in poor areas and their school gets to hire well-qualified science teachers and can afford a wide array of science equipment for the classroom. It is possible and not uncommon for two school districts to be right next to each other and have radically different funding because of their tax situation. Not coincidentally, this also sets up a racial barrier in some areas, where African American and Hispanic communities tend to be less well off than neighboring white communities. If you live in a poor area, well, you are shit out of luck. And if a school...

Wild Stories And Absurd Ljes

An evidence of liow large the traffic may be came to light last year near La Fine, Louisiana Neighbors of an Italian family liad become amazed by wild stones told by I lie children of the family. They, il seemed, liad suddenly become millionaires. They talked of owning inconceivable amounts of money, of automobiles ihey did not possess, of living in a palatial liome. At last llieir absurd lies were reported to tlie police, wlio discovered that their parents were allowing them to smoke something that came from tlie tops of tall, plants which their father grew on his Farm. There was a raid, in which more than 500,000 marijuana plants were destroyed.

The story that defined a generation

It is always the unique cases that grab media attention - society does not propagate positive drug stories, despite the obvious proof of the reality. The majority of people receive information about the nature of addiction or use from the newspapers and television. However, apart from the occasional documentary, most of these stories feature celebrities - either actors or musicians - and both these formats have to abide by rules that forbid the promotion of drug use. The result is that the wild excesses of celebrities can be described in the media (for example, the 'sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll' life of the Rolling Stones), but a derogatory tone must be set, or the individual must announce regret at the wasted years. The vast amount of celebrities (too numerous to mention here) who have had publicly scrutinised drug problems, are not fitting examples for the rest of society. They are atypical, often very wealthy people who must consistently produce the highest levels of artistic...

Marijuana Horticulture The mdoroutdoo

Both large and small greenhouses cost more money, time, and space. With the exception of the lightweight hoop house or miniature greenhouse, they are also more permanent. The type of greenhouse selected will be determined by the planned use of the space and where it will be located. A lean-to This Swiss grower anchored a strong steel or attached greenhouse will probably be beam to the ceiling from which he suspended sma er anc ess expensive to build than a all the lights. freestanding structure.

Cannabis in the international prohibition regime

As discussed, however, there is minimal evidence that changes in statutory penalties would reduce cannabis use. The lack of evidence of a deterrent effect has to be weighed against the considerable harms that undoubtedly arise from the existing regime. Cannabis is a drug used by very large proportions of the populations of many Western countries. There is a large-scale black market that is an unintended consequence of the existing system of prohibition, as acknowledged recently in an essay by the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Costa, 2008). The cannabis market causes less harm than similarly-sized black markets for cocaine and heroin since it is associated with less violence and probably less corruption the latter is a consequence of the more dispersed production and shorter distribution chains. Nonetheless, a global black market of tens of billions of dollars represents in itself a challenge to the authority of governments.

Causes of Law Enforcement Militarization and Violence

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) admits that it is no longer capable of protecting Americans from incoming nuclear missiles. Yet NORAD enjoys hundreds of millions of dollars in annual funding, as part of a 1.8 billion dollar systems upgrade, having convinced Congress to assign NORAD the mission of tracking planes and ships that might be carrying drugs.39 Many other federal military programs have hitched themselves to the antidrug bandwagon. For example, when President Clinton in April 1996 requested 250 million dollars in extra funding for antidrug programs, over half that money was earmarked for the military.40 The incentives for lawless violence and militarization do not come entirely from law enforcement itself. As sociologist Phillip Jenkins observes, Media images can also frame the expectation and behavior of individual agents and administrators. 41 Sensationalistic movies like Lethal Weapon glorify militaristic, violent police conduct in the name of the...

Exposing Incarcerations Hidden Costs in Connecticut and New Jersey

New Jersey leads the nation in the proportion of its prisoners sentenced for nonviolent drug offenses. DPA New Jersey Director Roseanne Scotti co-authored a report entitled, Wasting Money, Wasting Lives. Released in May 2008, the report tallies the price tag for New Jersey's overuse of incarceration hundreds of millions of dollars in direct costs plus hidden costs, including lower lifetime wages, tax revenues and child support. Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Assemblyman Joseph Cryan, deputy majority leader and a

Develop Skills for Coping With Automatic Thoughts

List and recall benefits of not using. Thoughts about the personal benefits of abstinence can weaken excuses for using. Benefits to think about include better physical health, improved family life, job stability, more money for recreation and paying bills, increased self-esteem, and self-control. It is important to pay attention to these positive aspects and the progress you're making don't focus on what you're giving up. Carry a card with you listing the benefits, add items as you think of them, and review them regularly.


I'll rephrase the question What is the most important thing in your life right now I am going to take a guess that you are not going to say your sports car, going out for a meal at the weekend, going down to the pub to relax after work, your career, your lovely house, or going on holiday this year. I am going to take a huge gamble and come out and say it. I think the most important thing to you in life is (a) your family (parents children partner), their health and their happiness and (b) your own health and happiness. Am I right, or even close to being right You see, I think that whether you're a gangster, a corrupt politician, a plumber, a nuclear scientist, a cleaner, a hit man, a clerk, a stripper, a director or a soldier, those are just jobs. Some are more questionable than others, but nonetheless, they are just your chosen professions. Even if you extort money for a living with menace, you still have a mother, or a wife and children to think about. You make money to provide the...


To understand this more clearly, we must look behind the motivation of those who disseminate information, and remember who these people are. First, they are people with their own opinions, second, they are in business to make money, and third, they are easily manipulated by government. You must remember that companies are not the keepers of world ethics, they are in business to make money and while a free internet serves them now, a controlled internet may suit them in the future. They will do whatever it takes to stay in business, please remember that, while you sit ogling women in various sexual positions.


I don't know when it started, but we can assume it had something to do with wealthy people wanting to protect their property, or goods, but you can see the sense in taking it out, after all, insurance takes the what if and if only, out of life, even if we are only talking about possessions.


Deep down, we know that jealousy is a poisonous feeling. We don't want it, but we just can't help it. We also feel jealous when our partner talks to someone who we believe is more successful than us, has more money, or who looks more beautiful than us, and we believe our partner may be enticed away and we will be on our own. The more we feel jealous, the more angry we get, and given enough time this may actually lead to physical violence. It seems pervasive throughout societies worldwide rich and poor. The poor man wants to become rich and the rich man wants to become richer. Rich people always look so much more relaxed, wouldn't you say They don't have to worry about a thing. They can always buy more of what they desire, whereas the poor man is always struggling and striving to make enough money to buy what he needs, let alone desires but the feeling is still there. In the back of his mind, the poor man wants more. He desires to become rich and sometimes will stop at nothing to get...

Let the games begin

The committee members do indeed serve as effective advisors for experimental design and will generally give the student good advice on achieving success in the research project. However, when a student has a personal or professional problem with their advisor, the committee is usually powerless to do anything about it. Strike that - the committee isn't actually powerless. It's impotent. The committee would like to do something about an advisor who is being unreasonable, but many times cannot do anything because if they do dare strong-arm the primary investigator, they risk putting themselves in a bad position with a fellow faculty


There are so many choices, so many types of jobs. Factory jobs, catering jobs, management jobs, administration jobs, carpentry jobs, retail jobs, sales jobs, even self-employed jobs. There is a huge choice -for some. For others, it's more difficult. They didn't pass their exams, or they live in a town where employment is scarce, and they have to take the first thing that comes up. One thing's for sure though, the only reason you're taking a job is because you need the money. Just imagine for a moment that you win the lottery. You have just won millions of dollars


The illicit drug World is the largest and most profitable of all criminal enterprises, making substantial but secretive contributions to the economies of Third World countries, turning individuals in the West from paupers to millionaires in a matter of years, and spurring greater international police co-operation than any other activity. No other criminal problem draws an annual individual message from the President of the United States or a biennial United Nations report. The amount of money generated by illicit drugs makes their trafficking, manufacture and sale one of the great industries of the world in the late twentieth century. In trying to achieve that comprehension, our book began to shift ground again. The Brotherhood existed, achieving many of the things claimed on its behalf. It did indeed generate millions of dollars, and it was a loose-limbed mafia of sorts. It was also fired with idealism. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love was one part of a much greater movement...

The Prankster

That's a personal vendetta. Industrial hacking is big business. Most corporations have m-house computer consultants who do this sort of thing. But as a freelancer you can get hired as a regular consultant by one of these firms - say McDonnell Douglas - get into a vice president's office, and show them the specs of some Lockheed project, like a new advanced tactical fighter which he has not seen, and say, There's more where this came from. You can get thousands, even millions of dollars for this kind of thing.

Currency exchange

Cell Press and the Nature Publishing Group have launched a series of more specialist journals over the last 15 years that, since they have the 'Cell' or 'Nature' name associated with them, are thought to be pretty damn good and largely they are. They also make a lot of money and serve the community well. They make money in three basic ways - personal subscriptions, institutional subscriptions and advertising. In other words you have to pay to get access to what is printed in the journal and, more importantly, get access online. It is a pretty good system. The journals provide a service to the community by overseeing the peer review process, editing papers and providing news on new findings and science policy around the world. Readers pay for it and rightly so. The information is valuable. The money for these subscriptions generally comes from grant money. In other words, researchers use tax dollars in the form of grants to pay to view research results that were obtained with public...

W Hemp Chronicles

For most of us it is nearly impossible to live here. Lack of education and health care are abominable. If you are one of the lucky ones who make more money than you need and or have the benefits of a major manufacturing company or other entity, then you may survive a little longer and a little better.

David B Kopel

Esequiel Hernandez had almost nothing in common with Donald Scott.1 Hernandez was an 18-year-old Hispanic goatherd in south Texas. Scott was a middle-aged millionaire who lived with his wife on a large estate in southern California. Neither Hernandez nor Scott committed any drug crimes. And both Hernandez and Scott are now dead, murdered as the drug war became more than just a metaphor.

N0c 1b0

Congratulations on the successful completion of such a long and difficult Medical treatment, I hope you and your family have a happy, healthy life. I think you have answered the money issue already, after being off work so long the lower paying, less stressful job will seem like a lot of money compared to now, and allow you more time to enjoy life again. If and when you feel stronger and the need for more money later, you can always put on your tail and work your way back into the rat race. I think its a gift how being so sick can change our priorities and we know that it is our family, friends, and health that really matter. Stinky also has Hep-c and experienced a lot of his friends not coming around anymore after they heard I had it.

Drug Dependence

Dependence on psychoactive drugs is of epidemic proportions in the United States and around the world. Tens of millions of people use alcohol, opiates, marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines on a daily basis. The use of these drugs disrupts the lives of people who use them and those around them. It impairs friendships and functioning at work. It is responsible for the loss of lives in traffic accidents and crime. It impairs physical and emotional health and costs billions of dollars in health-related injuries, illnesses, and rehabilitation.

Criminal Misconduct

And they did it, it seems, intending to save their own investment - and their friends' - in the pharmaceutical, energy and paper industries and to give these poisonous, synthetic industries an insane advantage over natural hemp and protect the billions of dollars in annual profits that they stood to lose if the hemp plant and marijuana were not prohibited


Have you ever considered where the table you sit at, the computers you use or the tv you watch comes from You cannot make something out of nothing you know The more money we earn, the more stuff we want. Our appetites are insatiable. It has become a dangerous sickness of modern times.


Thanks to women entering the workforce in larger numbers (amongst other things), the tables have at last been turned on these patriarchal bullies. Women have finally gained their financial independence which allows them the ability to leave relationships, without fear of having to rely on others, who may judge them as being an unfit wife. It is amazing that people can have such idiotic prejudices. What is an unfit wife People are people, and if they are not getting on, it is best to part - even if they have children.

The Case of Dr Leary

I received a personal invitation from Dr. Leary to participate in a top-level planning session on psychedelic drugs, scheduled to take place there in August 1963. I would gladly have accepted this grand invitation, in which I was offered reimbursement for travel expenses and free lodging, in order to learn from personal observation the methods, operation, and the entire atmosphere of such a psychedelic research center, about which contradictory, to some extent very remarkable, reports were then circulating. Unfortunately, professional obligations kept me at that moment from flying to Mexico to get a picture at first hand of the controversial enterprise. The Zihuatanejo Research Center did not last long. Leary and his adherents were expelled from the country by the Mexican government. Leary, however, who had now become not only the messiah but also the martyr of the psychedelic movement, soon received help from the young New York millionaire William...


So who are they They are not individuals. They are the country the nation. We love them, because we love our country. We don't care that they have more money or finer jewels than us, we love them, because in times of crisis they stand up and represent the hopes and fears of every citizen. They exist for the good of the country. They show the other countries we are powerful as a nation, and we are proud to belong. In short, this is no different to ancient times. The king is the embodiment of the nation.

Ss2 5rz

Some grow weed for their own pleasure while others grow it to make money. Whatever the motivation, the most important thing is the same for all, and that is producing the largest and most potent heads. Also to learn from each crop so as to improve the next and increase the grams. Everyone thinks that their own crop is the best but occasionally you come across someone with a crop to die for. Heads bigger than your forearm, thick as your head and solid as stone. These are extreme cultivation successes and Bilbo takes full responsibility. Bilbo likes to let his plants flourish under extreme light intensity using the logic of light weight

False assumptions

I had assumed from the headline that scientists had found a genetic variant that was prevalent in a Hispanic population, but which had not been found in some other population, probably of European descent. This is a fairly common mistake amongst reporters, who interpret the lack of a particular genetic variant to mean that a disease is specific to a particular population and to describe that population by race. There was no reference to new scientific findings in the story, so when I got to the office I went to the actual report and read all eight pages. They read more like a press release than a serious inquiry into the cause of the disease. Indeed, the purpose of the report became clear towards the end, where the advocacy group clearly stated that they were looking to have Congress earmark more money for Alzheimer's research. They had taken a novel angle, but had overstepped the bounds of informing the public about the disease by using unfounded fear tactics. The journalist had...

Spin Off Trades Taxes

Federal, state and local governments would realize a windfall of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues without raising taxes or insanely continuing to poison the earth.* * If the marijuana market were legal, state and federal goverments would collect billions of dollars annually, said Ethan Nadelmann, former assistant professor of politics at Princeton University (who is now in 1998 director of The Lindesmith Foundation). Instead, they expend billions in what amounts to a subsidy of organized criminals.

Johnlaw 307

Now thai a monopoly on healing had become in iheir eyes a necessary as well as a desirable goal, doctors had lo convince the public lhal self-medication was undesirable and unhealthy. Americans, however, were quile fond of their opium, morphine, heroin, cocaine and alcohol-based patent medicines. Bui the American medical profession had a powerful ally Do we not recognize, said a speaker at the 1893 convention of the American Pharmaceuiical Association, That this patent medicine) industry is one of our greatest enemies, and that there are millions of dollars worth sold all over the country, thus diverting money which rightly belongs lo the retail drug trade in the way of prescriptions and regular drugs The speaker recognized his long-term interests but most of his colleagues were chained to ihe here and now, which, simply stated, was that the patent medicines accounted for a substantial part of any pharmacist's income. The doctoi-s faced a similar problem in attempting to discourage...

Discriminating taste

There is another twist to the discrimination story that most people never consider. That is - how does research into diseases happen Or better - how does money get allotted for work on specific diseases The system seems like it should be pretty simple money should go to disease research that affects the most people or has the greatest chance for therapeutic payoff. On the whole, this is true, but there is a wrinkle in the system. Money is allocated to government agencies to dole out to scientists. Congress determines how much money agencies get and tells them to keep up the good work, usually. Like most monetary allocation in Washington, there are lobbyists arguing that more money should go the way of their issue. Science is no exception. When it comes to disease research, a good lobbying strategy can mean all the difference. If you get a congressman on your side, you could get a provision put into an appropriations bill that directs the NIH to do research on a particular disease...

Stn Icvs EdiTORAl

That happens to US citizens in American prisons every day. Many for nothing more then growing medical marijuana or supplying it to people too sick to grow their own. Did you notice who was most willing to degrade, torture and even acted proud enough to pose for pictures were prison guards back home American Prisoners are stuffed into overcrowded cages and given barely enough of everything including human dignity with no rights. And that's if the cops or guards don't have a reason to make it hard on you. We all break down mentally at some point, especially when you can never let your guard down (or your pants). They simmer in filth until they attack and kill each other like baby chicks that spot blood or weakness, where is the rehabilitation in that You learn to be a predator or prey if you learn if there is schooling The money was taken out of treatment and rehabilitation and put into the media for anti-drug commercials by conservative special interest groups. With all the current...


Providing money to finance big drug-selling operations is another major element of international drug trafficking. Payments of millions of dollars regularly change hands during major drug transactions. Because these transactions frequently occur across international borders, drug dealers often arrange elaborate schemes to finance their operations and to disguise their business from law enforcement authorities.

Choices choices

Those that used them had significant difficulty or completely bungled their efforts. Which brings us to today. There is no question that there has been a serious increase in anti-American sentiment since the start of the second war in Iraq. The administration has clearly misled the public on a number of issues leading up to that war, including grossly exaggerating about the biological and chemical weapons capability of Iraq. A former aide to Secretary of State Colin Powell called the weapons of mass destruction speech delivered to the United Nations the lowest point in his life. There are many who believe that the unconscionable behavior of the Bush administration has created a new breed of terrorists that are intent upon using any means possible to hurt Americans. More people died in 2005 from cigarette smoking, accidental gunshot, slipping on ice, dehydration, over-hydration, methamphetamine abuse, suicide, HIV or the lack of response to Hurricane Katrina than biological weapons,...


As an individual, I may see progress as steadily getting a better job over time, and earning more money. For a company, progress may mean healthier profits every year, lower costs, and a position as market leader. For a country, progress may mean a booming economy, lower crime rates and a healthier working population. But what is the next stage up from a country Surely it is the earth. What is the goal or objective for the earth Is there one And if so who's goal is it It seems to me we are only concerned with our little piece of the pie. Does an individual think of progress in terms of what is good for the planet as a whole Of course he doesn't. He is concerned with himself, and perhaps if they are lucky, his family. But individuals have been encouraged by the state to forget about anyone else. Forget about the environment. Forget about the starving and the desperate. Forget about doing the right thing. As long as we say it's legal concentrate on what is important. Making Money. The...


A goal that cannot be achieved, progress that cannot be measured, results for which no one can be held accountable, and billions of dollars to be gained from the whole thing. Such is the strategy that produces more and more drug warriors. Awesome power is wielded by individuals and institutions who would feel harm if the drug problem diminished, who gain by perpetuating policies that strengthen the illicit drug trade. Policy reform is possible, but reformers face formidable resistance.124


This will have the knock on effect of him having to claim social security, which means the tax payers will have to fork out more money. He will start to lose his self-esteem, and he may become depressed and start drinking, which will mean he has no money for food. This may cause him to become angry and beat up his wife, which will leave her bandaged in hospital at the cost of the taxpayer. He will then end up in the police station and then the magistrate's court, where it takes up people's valuable time to try him on charges of assault. He is found guilty and sentenced to six months imprisonment at the expense of the taxpayer, whereby on release he finds that his home has been repossessed, and his wife has moved in with another man. On hearing this, he flies into a jealous rage, drinks half a bottle of whisky grabs a knife from the kitchen, and sets about finding his wife and this man. He tracks them down and confronts the man whom he promptly stabs, leaving him fatally wounded. At...


But I don't want people to question the texts. They are complete works. I want people to question the whole of life with their whole beings. I want them to question why a flower is a flower, why we can feel air but we can't see it, why we love, why we hate, why we are greedy. I want us to question ourselves so deeply that we discover something truly wonderful - not just read a book, attend a place of worship, listen to a sermon or two and then go about your daily business of making money, being unkind to people and planning a war with countries of unbelievers Do you understand what I am trying to convey to you

Gangs And DruGS

Crack is a very pure form of cocaine produced by removing cutting agents and other chemicals. The highly addictive drug was sold at a relatively low cost in virtually every city. Crack quickly became the drug of choice because of its rapid effects, low cost, and easy accessibility. The quick rise in use was accompanied by a massive increase in supply by Columbian drug dealers and other producers. As the drug became more popular, gangs that dealt in drugs needed more sales people and tighter controls on their territories. Many gangs became local distributors who controlled millions of dollars in sales.


In most countries, the king or queen is held in high esteem. People wave flags, they sing the national anthem, and in some places, even mentioning a bad word against them is a treasonable offence. Monks are respected for the robes they wear, soldiers are respected for the uniform they wear, presidents, prime ministers are respected for the office they hold, chief executives are respected for their job title, wealthy people are respected for the amount of money they have.

Good drugs bad drugs

I am sickened by the doctors who rely on marketing seminars and visits from cute sales reps with free samples to make decisions about what to prescribe their patients. I am also sickened by a culture and political atmosphere that allows the marketing of prescription medication to the public. 'Ask your doctor' and a list of side effects is not acceptable when we all know damn well that these sentiments mean nothing to a public that is looking for a quick fix to their problems. Finally, I am sickened by juries who are unable to decipher the medical facts in drug lawsuits and try to teach companies a lesson by awarding multi-million dollar settlements.


This addiction is exploited to the max by the cigarette manufacturers. They make billions of dollars keeping us addicted. Tobacco is an industry that employs thousands of people around the world, and contributes billions of dollars to the government in tax raised from the sale of every packet. So you can see that it isn't technically in the government's interest to ban this product. They must have weighed up the health care costs versus the tax raised and fallen on the side of allowing these companies to operate. Despite many government war on drugs programs they consistently fail to recognise tobacco as the biggest killer. This is more than likely for economic reasons. He is happy his company makes plenty of profit, has happy shareholders, a complicit government, and a large salary to boot, what more could he ask for He doesn't care about the end product, he is concerned purely with the unemotional task of running a business, giving jobs to the community, delivering a product on...


This is in fact the second pro-business philosophy that has taken hold of the healthcare industry through changes in insurance policy. The root of it is a concept called 'moral hazard', which states that access to healthcare unnecessarily increases the use of healthcare i.e. if it's free and cheap then people will overdo it. The principle is overly simplistic though. It presumes that people like to go to the doctor, which we all know is untrue. Rich people don't go to the doctor more than people with normal health insurance and people in government-subsidized healthcare plans like Medicaid and Medicare do not use the healthcare system more than people of equal health who have the best insurance money can buy - plain and simple.


Without thinking, life is just as it is. The trees blossom in the spring and the leaves fall in autumn. Every day the tide turns. The mountain is still the mountain. Water is water. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am sad. Sometimes the weight of the world is on my shoulders, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes I make money, sometimes I don't. Water is still water, and every autumn the leaves fall from the trees. I can see why the monks want free of this life, maybe it's not exciting enough for them There is no such thing as suffering. It is not real, it is an imaginary concept created by a mind that is constantly grasping for more, constantly striving to gain more status, more money, more happiness, but the thoughts your mind gives you, those are the real illusion.


Consider for a moment, the multi-millionaire executive whom everyone respects and looks up to. He is at the pinnacle of his career, but due to greed or inappropriate sexual desires with children, has been caught doing something that no one would expect him to do. They would feel total disappointment in him. He would be shunned he would be made an outcast of the very society he loved being a part of. How could he face his wife, his own children, and all of his peers


I do not blame them for trying to make money, after all they need to make a living, nor do I blame the consumers for buying the food, after all, they are probably hungry, and many miles from home. Let us instead look at the reasons we are driven to eat takeaway food. Imagine if you weren't rushing to work and getting caught up in the mayhem that is commuting. The anger and the tension caused during this morning rush would no longer trouble you. But if you didn't commute, how would you get to work, where would you work, what would you do, how would you pay the mortgage, and how could you further your career And many other questions


So why do you think we felt a need to create all this technology Is it built into the human to constantly improve, or were these the inventions of people who wanted to make money Was electricity created so that people's lives would improve, or was it an invention to make money Was running water in the city invented to help people improve, or as a way to get water to the people in the city so they could work for the powerful men who ran the city It facilitates modern cramped city and town living. It allows people to work long hours so they can get rich or make someone else rich, without having to worry about going out to hunt food, fetch firewood, or tend crops. Technology allows for specialisation, and specialisation is where people get rich So is technology just another way for people to get richer than their fellow man or could it be philanthropic Did the great inventors of our time come up with these ground breaking inventions purely for the benefit of other human beings, or did...


Companies can't exist if they don't make money, pure and simple. So they will come up with any formula they can to get you to watch their programs as opposed to their competitors programs. It's not about who has the most interesting, the most intelligent and most honest and varied content to educate and inform you. It's just about how many people watch a show, and how much money they earn from advertisers.

The New Colonialism

To lobby against sterile fruit flies as a way of combating the medfly crisis in California. By 'persuading' the government to allow the use of pesticides, chemical companies weaken the plants they are 'saving', and thus create further dependence on fertilizers and medications - more money, less effectiveness, greater pollution.


In most parts of the world, people are becoming richer, wouldn't you say And if there's more money to spend you can rest assure that people are going to want to do some serious holidaying. In fact one of the biggest businesses in the world is now tourism. But it's not the two week holidaymaker to the beach we are concerned about here, it is something more profound than that. You see, as I have been observing people recently as they go about their daily business, it came to me that actually the whole human race are really tourists on this planet

Press Release

Today, Cannabis is California's top crop doubling the sales of wine and all vegetables grown in California. 2006 estimates put Cannabis as a 14 billion dollar crop in California alone. Those estimates don't include the millions of dollars spent on purchasing products that help the growers produce Cannabis. Growers producing Cannabis need all kinds of products and services that help the entire community. First a real estate broker finds a suitable place to grow then they buy seeds, buckets, lights, watering system, nutrients, trimmers and so on. The end consumer of

United States

Although the cultivation of hemp has been actively discouraged in the past, there is a growing demand for textiles and other products made from more environmentally friendly, 'biosustainable' crops than cotton or wood. With the exception of the flowers, leaves, hashish resin and fertile seed, it is legal to import raw hemp products for processing. The number of companies manufacturing hemp products from imported hemp fibre has mushroomed in the last five years so that at present, there are over 200 companies offering a wide range of hemp products in a multi-million dollar business. In this environment, legislative attitudes to local hemp cultivation may change.


Although Sendero guerrillas do garner tens of millions of dollars each year from taxing the coca trade, U.S. officials admit there is little evidence of a close alliance between the smugglers and the guerrillas.109 Peru's security forces use the drug issue as an excuse to go after the greater danger. In July 1984 President Fernando Belaunde Terry declared a holy war against what he called the narcotics-terrorism threat, extending a state of national emergency for 30 days to give the armed forces a chance to use new methods against the guerrillas.110

Purple Haze

Homemade Purple Haze Weed Tips

Individual code of conduct Beyond the question of bag-limits, we mean who does and who doesn't get served Will adolescent smokers still be hampered by government agencies, simply because there are no safe places they can smoke Or will those that are 'coming of age' be allowed entry What about those that don't want to smoke cannabis in designated coffeeshops Will customer relations proliferate or simply cease to exist Do drunks get welcomed with open arms Cause most of us are totally ashamed to be 'English Welsh Scottish', when we see those drunken British idiots sprawled about the cobbles of Amsterdam. (Stop it You're embarrassing yourselves and spoiling it for the rest of us ) Anyhow, will such 'cretins' be allowed entry into UK coffeeshops (we can only hope not ) Will the attitude be live and let live First come first served Or screw you we're making money

Purity And Price

To make more money, powdered meth is diluted, or cut, with other ingredients and chemicals. This decreases the purity but increases the total amount of product available to sell. In 2005, the purity of street meth averaged about 54 percent, and contained such substances as baking soda, Epsom salts, quinine (a malaria drug), mannitol (a sugar alternative), ether (a toxic solvent), insecticides (a poison), monosodium glutamate (a preservative), photo developer (a toxic solvent), and strychnine (a poison). Heavy meth users may even prefer these additives because the impurities can give a more intense rush. It is important to remember that it is never possible to know the exact strength or purity of the meth, even if the meth is obtained from a familiar supplier.2, 13, 20, 21


Marijuana and hemp come from different portions of the same plant, Cannabis sativa. Leaves, flowers, and resin are the illegal drug marijuana the resin is also called hashish. Stalks and seed (if processed so it will not germinate) are the legal commercial product hemp. The terms hemp and marijuana are sometimes used interchangeably, but such use is incorrect. After marijuana was outlawed in the 1930s, hemp raising continued to thrive because law enforcement authorities of the era were familiar with the industry and understood that crops were not entering the illegal drug market even though the plants had leaves and flowers and resin. During World War II the federal government subsidized hemp farming to replace natural fiber supplies cut off by the war. In the 1950s subsidies finally stopped, and the American hemp industry also stopped because it could no longer make money at the unsubsidized world market price.

Timothy Lynch

America's drug policies are not seriously debated in Washington, D.C. Year after year, our elected representatives in Congress focus on essentially two questions (1) How much more money should they spend on the drug war and (2) How should they spend the money In the months preceding elections, politicians typically try to pin the blame for the drug problem on one another.1 After the election, the cycle repeats itself. The billions of dollars that Congress has allocated to drug law enforcement have produced indisputable results. The criminal justice system has grown much larger there are more police officers, prosecutors, judges, and prison guards than ever before. Moreover, the number of arrests, convictions, and prisoners and the amount of seized contraband have increased exponentially over the years. indeed, in February 1999 the New York Times reported that every 20 seconds, someone in America is arrested for a drug violation. Every week, on average, a new jail or prison is built to...


If you're gonna have eventual legalization, you're likely to have big companies in there making money out of it. Someone's gotta produce iu We have a capitalistic society. Someone needs to study various methods of legal distribution. The government will undoubtedly license manufacturers and distributors. So when we gel lo the keep the companies out , thatls just a bunch of shit,. Maybe it will be Ford Motor Co., or ABC Pot Co., but what's the difference They're stilL going lo make money and be just like R. J. Reynolds.

Chapter Nine

Scully, however, still believed it was possible that the psychedelic movement could survive its over-exposure and the advances of the law, not to mention public cynicism and corruption. He clung to his aim of turning the entire world on. For succour and support he now looked towards Hitchcock and the promises held out by the talks of the autumn. The young millionaire might not be a chemist or a folk hero like Owsley, but his credentials were impeccable in the psychedelic movement. Apart from the loan of Millbrook to Leary, he had also provided financial aid for the would-be psychedelic revolutionary in his brushes with the law. On the West Coast, Hitchcock's home at Sausalito was open house for local luminaries. They were still pondering their next move when Hitchcock had a couple of callers. John Griggs had met him before, through Leary, when the millionaire first came west. In the summer of 1968, Griggs dropped in again, bringing Michael Randall with him. The Brotherhood also had...


Companies started making products people wanted not because the people needed them, but because someone from the company invented them, and they thought they would make money by selling them to everyone. Hang on I hear you say, there have been some marvellous inventions over the years so many things to make our lives easier. Now remember the animal, and the bird, and think of the fish. Do they need a cigarette to de-stress or chewing gum to freshen their breath We need things we didn't need before, things that are not for the benefit of the system We are now programmed for success, for stress, for making more money. And litter is our byproduct.


So believe you do, and every day, you pray to your god for more money, a better car, or a bigger house. Me So is that what people have to do. Work as hard as they can What if they don't make as much money as you have, what if they aren't able to start their own company or get promoted Won't they feel bad about themselves, that they are in some way worthless because they are not measuring up to rich people like yourself Him Look. In today's world, everybody has the ability to make money. Heck, I didn't even go to college and look at me If they don't make it they are either too lazy or too stupid (chuckling) Me So even if you suffer incredible stress with trying to become rich, trying to pay your bills on time, fending off credit card companies, having your relationship suffer, it's all still worth it Him Hell, yes. Of course it is. If you want to become rich, there's always a lot of stress. Me But what if you don't want a stressful life Me So if I don't want to become rich would I have...

All the kings horses

Economically, California is not doing well. The state has a history of passing legislation that is socially progressive but economically foolish. Despite its good intentions, the initiative might fall into that category. First, 350 million a year is no small chunk of change. To raise that money, the state is going to sell bonds. When one figures the interest, some back of the envelope calculating will bring the cost of the initiative up to 6 billion over 30 years that's 200 million dollars a year. That's not a lot of money for the country's richest and most populous state, but as I mentioned, the state has not been doing too well. A lot of bonds have been issued from the state's General Fund over the years. In fact, its bond debt grew from 30 billion in 2004 to approximately 50 billion in 2005. California basically wrote a charitable check that it can't afford. In addition to California's efforts, biotech, philanthropic and foundation donations have ponied somewhere around 350-400...

Gary E Johnson

I spent a half-million dollars of my own money to pursue my goal of becoming the governor of New Mexico. Let me make one point very clear Not one person asked me to run for governor. Not one person. I introduced myself to the Republican Party just two weeks before I announced my candidacy for governor in 1994. The response that I got was, We like you, we like what you say, but you need to understand, you'll never get elected. It's just not possible. I am not a typical politician. We shifted over to managed care from the Medicaid model, and that was very significant. We had very overcrowded prisons in New Mexico. We built a couple of new prisons, and those prisons are run privately. I fought for that. The cost was two-thirds what it was costing us to do it as a state. Improving education has been a priority, but, regrettably, all I have done since I have taken office when it comes to education is put more and more money into a system that by all measurements is doing just a little bit...

Where To

It's needless to say that this is too much to ask of a street punk. That is where these distributors can help. They have the license and authority to sell anything (both chemical and glassware) that the chemist needs and are not subject to the same policies that the companies they sell for employ. This is not meant as a put-down but these distributors are like car salesmen. The only way they make money is through the commission on sales. This means that they tend not to care about whom they sell these other companies' products to. They just want to sell stuff. A chemist calls one of these companies and orders something simple like a thermometer or water and then pays for it promptly. Having then established an account (a foot in the door) the chemist will have gained that company's trust in knowing that she (the chemist) is a good customer. Then, next time, a little catalyst, ether or, perhaps, a distillation kit can be ordered. Having already established that the chemist is a good...

To err is medical

But prescriptions are just the tip of the iceberg. A large study from Harvard University found that approximately 4 of all hospital patients suffered serious ill effects from their treatment and that two thirds of those complications were a direct result of medical mistakes. Keep in mind that these serious mistakes ranged from an extended hospital stay to death. If we consider that the US spends over 1 trillion annually on healthcare, then even modest changes in protocols that reduce these mistakes could easily save billions of dollars, not to mention the pain, suffering and subsequent lawsuits.

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