The History of Methamphetamine

The first time I tried meth, I was 13.1 didn't do it again, though, until I was 15. I used meth only sporadically until I was 17, when I started using and selling it regularly. I sold for about two years. My friend and I mostly sold to support our own habit. We sold balls of crank that could keep you up for a week.

I wasn't in school because I'd been kicked out at 14 on suspicion of taking drugs. Any money I earned went down the drain. I'd sell an ounce, then I'd do a half ounce in a few days. I lost touch with reality. Once I was up for seven days. I was at a friend's house and thought I saw a guy shoot someone. I started to destroy the house until I realized the whole vision was what's called a night terror.

I finally realized I needed help when this girl and I were in the car. It was pouring, and I was driving 85 miles an hour. The car was hydroplaning, and the girl was crying because she thought we were going to die. When we got to our destination, I thought, "This is someone I care about. This is what I do to people." I was so sick of myself. Three weeks later, I checked into rehab.

I've been clean for almost three years. When I look back on my life as an addict, it's like someone else's life. I missed out on so much: meeting girls in high school, playing football. But I got my GED, and now I have a good job in construction. If I could tell kids anything, it's that you have no control over how drugs will affect you. It's an evil cycle, and the only way to stop the cycle is never to start it.

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