The Hazards of Making Methamphetamine

Paul smoked pot with his friends and some older kids after school. One day, Gerry came around with a big smile on his face and asked,""Are you gonna tweak with us?" Paul wanted to be cool, and said, "Yeah," even though he wasn't sure what Gerry meant. "You have to keep your hands busy when you're tweaking, or you'll start picking at your face," warned Gerry, as he unwrapped a glass pipe from a piece of raggedy cloth. Gerry put what looked like a chunk of ice in the glass pipe. Paul watched nervously, silent. They sucked in its gray vapors after lighting it. Paul felt invincible and alive. He and his buddies were up for five days, and then he slept through an entire weekend. When he awoke, he felt hopeless and paranoid. He went to Gerry's house. It was filthy, and smelled like cat urine. When Gerry opened the door, Paul noticed his new friend looked like his house smelled. "Yo, dude, back for more?" Gerry didn't smile when he spoke. Paul slowly looked up from the ground to stare lethargically at Gerry. With great effort, he wordlessly turned around and walked back home.

Methamphetamine is a chemical that belongs to a class of drugs called stimulants that speed up the natural processes of the nervous system. Amphetamine is the chemical parent of methamphetamine. Although amphetamines are used as a substitute for ephedrine, the key ingredient for making meth is actually ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. 7

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