Terms That Describe Feeling Meths Effects

Ampin', Cranked Up, Foiled, Gassing, Geeked, Gurped, Jacked, Ring Dang Doo, Spin-Jo Speeding, Spun Monkey or Spun Turkey, Twacked, Tweaked, Wired, Zoomin3 13

Cranked Meth

alone in that year).15 Since the 1990s, methamphetamine use has spread from the Western states to the Southwest and now appears to be concentrated in the rural Midwest. The drug's popularity is related to its low cost (as compared to other drugs), its availability, and its perceived pleasurable side effects such as euphoria, weight loss, and sexual enhancement. Internationally, meth, like the drug Ecstasy, has become a club drug of choice, popular with young people attending nightclubs and rave parties, particularly throughout Asia, but in the United States as well.11, 16

The intense, long-lasting highs of meth are accompanied by equally intense, long-lasting lows once the drug wears off. Because of the duration of the meth high, which lasts from six to over 14 hours, methamphetamine can create tolerance in the brain within one use.7 This makes meth an extremely addictive drug. Meth damages brain cells related to memory, motor skills, and other vital bodily functions. The harmful effects on brain function in meth users seem to be only slowly reversible and may be irreversible.17

Over the years, meth users have morphed from rogue biker gang members and ravers, to housewives and the boy or girl next door who rely on the stimulation of meth to become superthin, superathletic, superstudents, or supermoms. Many rural teens report that they tried meth because they were bored. Based on the ever-increasing number of admissions

Total of All Meth Clandestine Laboratory Incidents Including Labs, Dumpsites, Chem/Glass/Equipment Calendar Year 1999

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Source: National Clandestine Laboratory Database Total: 7,438 / 43 states reporting Dates: 01/01/99 to 12/31/99 6 Infobase Publishing

Figure 1.4 The total number of methamphetamine laboratory incidents rose sharply from 1999 to 2003. It declined again by 2005, but these maps demonstrate the general spread of meth labs through the United States.

Map Meth ProblemMeth Lab Gear
Figure 1.5 A member of the Southwest Virginia Clandestine Lab Team gathers ingredients and equipment used to make methamphetamine on the front lawn of a house that served as a secret methamphetamine laboratory. © Rain Smith/AP Images

of meth users to drug abuse treatment centers across the country,18 as well as the increasing number of meth lab seizures, there is a widespread view that the United States is now in the midst of a meth epidemic. However, meth use and abuse is not a new problem. The United States has seen three

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