Teenage Trends and Attitudes

Headlines over the last several years have declared a meth epidemic in the United States among adults and teens. An epidemic is an outbreak that spreads more quickly and more extensively among a particular group of people than would be normally expected. Many indicators tell us how meth use and abuse has increased over the past 15 years, both in actual numbers of users and across the country. Admissions to substance abuse treatment centers, drug seizures, meth lab busts, emergency room visits, and national surveys on meth use are among the many ways of verifying just how many people are using and abusing methamphetamines. Yet how many teens are actually using meth?11, 15, 18 23

It may be that describing the meth problem as an epidemic is overstated because the actual number of adults and teens using meth is still far lower than the number using marijuana, cocaine, or heroin. In fact, although there has been an increase in meth use among certain age groups, overall teen meth use has decreased over the last several years. Perhaps this is related to recently enacted laws and increased prevention programs aimed at decreasing the supply and demand of the drug. Perhaps other factors contributed to this decline.

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