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methamphetamine (meth-am-FET-a-meen) ephedrine (eh-FEH-drin) psuedoephedrine (sue-dough-eh-FEH-drin)

Table 1.1 Effects of Meth Use

Short-term effects of meth use can include:7

Long-term effects of meth use can include:7

• increased attention

• dependence and addiction

• increased activity

• paranoia

• decreased fatigue

• hallucinations and psychosis

• decreased appetite

• mood disturbances

• euphoria and rush

• repetitive motor activity

• increased respiration

• stroke

• hyperthermia

• weight loss

fatigue, keeping them alert at their posts without need for sleep. At his doctor's request, Winston Churchill took amphetamines to stay awake, and American troops received amphetamine as well as methamphetamine pills along with their food rations.2 Under Hitler's command, German chemists created and generously distributed a methamphetamine tablet called Pervitin to German troops. By the 1940s, the effects of large and frequent amounts of amphetamines and methamphetamine were well documented. These effects included aggressive, violent, and paranoid behavior as well as a tendency to lose the very basic human emotions of sympathy and compassion. It is reported that Hitler injected himself with methamphetamine as often as eight times a day; some historians speculate that he gave meth to his troops to create "killing machines" divorced from human empathy, and that he himself was addicted to the drug.2, 5

During the war, Japanese pilots on kamikaze (suicide) missions reportedly took methamphetamine before their fateful flights. After World War II, the Japanese public gained access to the military's stockpiled meth, creating hundreds of thousands of intravenous meth addicts there. Many soldiers returned to their homelands addicted to these stimulants, afflicted with methamphetamine/amphetamine psychosis. The Japanese banned the drug soon after World War II.2, 5

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