Mom And Pop Meth Labs

In the mid-1990s, American meth users realized they could make their own, less pure form of meth from recipes found on the Internet or in underground publications. Meth is easy to produce because all of the necessary ingredients are legal and have legitimate uses. Where the superlabs can make 80 or 100 pounds of meth during one "cook" cycle, these small-scale meth "cooks" produce less than a few ounces of meth at a time.11 Small-scale mom and pop cooks usually intend to use the meth they make. They may also sell some to their friends or teach their friends how to manufacture the drug themselves. These home meth labs can fit into a suitcase, the trunk of a car, or a bathtub.

Athough meth is very easy to make, it is very dangerous because the combination of necessary solvents and other chemicals is extraordinarily flammable and volatile. Many people have died or been seriously burned in meth lab explosions, and homes where meth is made require hazardous waste teams to clean up the toxic chemicals used to make meth before anyone can safely enter them again. Making meth in motel rooms has become popular. This is quite alarming, since in addition to the danger of an explosion that could set the entire motel on fire, the next guest in that same motel room will be exposed unknowingly to hazardous chemicals that linger in the carpet, curtains, bed linens, etc.11, 14

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