Methamphetamine Use in Past Year Among Persons Aged 12 or Older by Race Ethnicity 2002 2003 and 2004

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Figure 6.2 People of many different ethnic backgrounds abuse methamphetamine.

use was 2.3 percent.) Past-month use of crystal meth has seen smaller increases, but an increase nonetheless.

* It is important to note that even though ice use is increasing, the same number of high school seniors used meth as used ice in 2005. Interestingly, there were more 10th grade users of meth in 2005 than there were high school senior users of ice. In general, the actual numbers of students using meth is higher than those using crystal meth on an annual basis.

* Annually, women in 10 th grade use meth more often than men in 10th grade and women in 12th grade. This means that even though teen use of meth is declining, 10th grade girls are more likely to use meth than their male or older female counterparts. This trend has been evident for the past seven years, since 1999. Male 10th and 12th graders used about the same amount of meth in 2005. This corresponds with the NSDUH data on gender and meth use.

Drug Abuse Warning Network Results18

The latest results from DAWN provide estimates on meth-related Emergency Department (ED) visits in 2004. These estimates are based on the general population (i.e. teens and adults) unless specified:

* Of the 106 million ED visits during 2004, 2 million are estimated to be drug related. Of those 2 million, about 1.3 million involved the misuse or abuse of illicit drugs or alcohol.

* Methamphetamine was mentioned in 6 percent (73,400) of all illicit drug-related ED visits. As a comparison, cocaine was involved in 30 percent (383,350) and marijuana in 17 percent (215,665) of all illicit drug-related ED visits.

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